CrystalD, as one of those occasionally snarky people myself, I can tell you that when I do it, it's because I'm seeing a question that's been asked and very likely answered multiple times before. I have no problem if someone's stuck or asking for help in general, but if they want help, I expect them to at least perform their due diligence and have a dig before seeking help. I don't demand it, I hope for it. I try not to be downright snarky, mind, but I can be firm. But beyond that, positivity is what I'm here for. If I can, say, teach a forum user to use the search feature, I might empower them down the road when they have a new question.

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I am not the type of person who likes to be told everything, but there are some things that I would like to know more about or ways to do them better. Also what are the choices that affect the story significantly.

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I appreciate having a walkthrough for this game.
I need help on all of the quests When you do a walkthrough including the family legacy.
I take gwen to lord adrianus but What do I do now?

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Here is a thought about a walkthrough for AHC.
Instead of spoiling the storyline just explain where to go from the start of the game to the end of the game.
I have seen this before with video game walkthroughs.
The guide explains where to go and what to do but it does not explain what any of the characters say.

I actually like walkthroughs like this because then it don't take away from the player experience with the story.

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I would like a walkthrough anyways because I cannot kill the trole in the mines to the west.
the troles attacks are very brutal I can't defeat it.

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@Nick: the troll took me a few tries as well, I ended up losing one of my party members but still eventually defeating it. It's definitely doable though, just took me a few tries adn even a bit of luck. Remember it might be a good idea to set a beacon to the den and maybe go to one of the other locations for a bit, to grind and level up.

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The troll is actually pretty simple, on both playthroughs I did. Since you need Gwen with you, intense shock to paralyze or even just arctic blast to slow, my main characters have been a warrior and necro so just hit it hard. With my necro I was using Alexia, so blinded it and also pre-primed with favor of the divine. With warrior I was using Simeon, so used distract, also using the blade of dismay and got lucky with a fear strike on his second move. From there once it's suitably debuffed, just whale away at it with fire spells from Gwen, and your strongest attacks otherwise.

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can you do a quest list for this game?
I'm finding it hard to complete all of the main quests and side quests as well When you do a walkthrough for this game.
so can you write a walkthrough for this game for me from beginning to end?
I'm enjoying the game but without a walkthrough I cannot accomplish all of the tasks.

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