2018-06-18 19:40:21

Sounds great! got the message on my ipad a little bit ago.

Could you give us a few more details on what is out special in 3.0? I know the app store says but just hyping it here with some detail couldn't hurt either. Tell us a bit about some of these new features.

Been playing the game a lot lately, and still loving it, glad there is even more to do now.

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2018-06-20 05:06:18

Hello all. Is anyone having a problem in the latest version where someone would invite you into a game and you tap on it from the notification, and it will take you somewhere completly random and unrelated to that notification? There is no way to see it ever again after clicking on that notification. Second, nothing but my activity is appearing on my home screen. I see nothing appearing. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks.

Jonathan Candler, A.K.A, Jonnyboy