actually finished some of my first PVP matches today, and have won all of them so far, but if I start losing, still gonna keep at it. Though I wish we'd get XP for them just like other types of games.

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@lee.hobbs: OMG what a crazy bug... Lol... I had Word war installed, and I was starting to wander what the heck I was doing wrong, because I couldn't find other games inside the app. big_smile
I've just solved the issue, got some kind of weird login issue as others has mentioned, the app mentioned there was an update, but didn't found any updates in the app store. Well, I have to go back to my job, but will look at it later on. It looks really awesome...

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been handed my first couple of defeats, but having fun even so, in fact, if I always won it would suck. so glad actually to get beat.

for anyone who wants to play me, I'm bookrage on Huboodle too.

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