hi, did a hangman game, in vb, that i did a few years ago for part of a programming assignment for my web design course in 2012, and decided to reubild, as was not loading the exe, okay, it is a self voicing game, and you get the intro, supposed to get the audio wav sounds, etc, but not loading, and got them in a folder called Resources, a word array, and a file called wordlist.tx which has the random list of numbers, you then enter a letter, turn based 13, but it never gets to the win, only you lose and supposed to have a bugle sound, but no sound, and then 1 to quit or enter to play another game, and when you quit, supposed to hear jean-luck picard from the next generation say end program, and then press any key. well when i then quit, get the program stopped working and windows will go online for a solution, and got jaws 2018, and get a jfw.exe application error, program did not start correctly, any one able to help me out and the resources folders, the properties and project properties for visual studio community 2017, and a vb console app, so any one able to help, can upload it to send space, or if there's a area to upload the files to the forum, then fine, any one able to help. a sighted web developer friend, did help me out and then the code to add to get around the wordlist not being in the app. any help. or will a shutdown and restart, using windows 10 64 bit pro 1709 on a toshiba satellite pro c-50-a machine. and running jaws 2018, latest december update. thanks.

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