2018-01-01 19:43:36 (edited by mahdi 2018-01-06 11:49:33)

hello to visiters of topic.
i create one game, fight to the death.
give me your questions, problems, criticisms, or suggestions!
@ this game, you want go to maps and kill enemies.
from v 0.1, you can ce 4 map
desert, otion, sewer, and road.
weapons are fists, aks, sniper rifle, revolver, machinegun, and minigun.
its link:
http://s000.tinyupload.com/download.php … 5201637187
thanks, mahdi productions

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2018-01-01 21:12:33

I'll be staying away from this. I don't monkey around with games that use other people's code, probably without their knowledge or permission.

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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2018-01-01 22:01:27

hahahahahaha! What a...
Stop using codes made by someone else.
And also, who knows what kind of virus is he sharing to us.
Guys, stay away from this bitch!


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2018-01-01 22:21:58 (edited by connor142 2018-01-01 22:22:35)

first. What code have you used, and who from. Second, did you have the express permition of the person you got the code from? third, what did you do to make this game different from the original code? Finally a callout to everyone, i suggest not playing this game until these questions are answered.

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2018-01-01 22:38:12

Easy people. It's not appropriate to call someone a bitch for they possibly have nothing to do with dogs or other canids.
Were I myself a fan of such games, I'd possibly give it a try. Anti virus software is there to capture viruses from any game that has these.
But yes, do answer please, was the code you used an open source code?

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2018-01-01 22:47:37

Why do you People always have to jump the gun about this?
Aside from the source Code Thing, I tried out the game and it is not very good, but everybody has to start somewhere.
So, what I want to tell youm Mahdi: now that this Thing is released, try to Code something very simple on your own, then more and more complex games (on your own).
In that way, your games are gonna get better successively.

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2018-01-02 00:12:27

The game's source comes from Zombie Arena by Mason Armstrong, found here:
https://agarchive.net/games/mason/open% … rojects.7z
It's true the project was open-sourced by the dev himself, but I see no real reason of someone just modding another one's game and sounds then claiming it to be theirs, lol the person who cloned it never mentioned where he got the source from.
With that aside, I'm going back to A Hero's Call, away from all this childish stuff.

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2018-01-02 10:14:50

It is not a good game at all, because you used some one else's code, whitch is out dated.
And all you can do is shoot and walk and die.
hahaha, make use of your own code.
If you used another class that was provided by some one else, i would understand, but all the code?

best regards
never give up on what ever you are doing.

2018-01-02 12:14:03

hi all
i add decription key for game sounds, and i add one key to readme, link of game updated!

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2018-01-02 12:27:43

where is the decryption key?

best regards
never give up on what ever you are doing.

2018-01-02 13:44:06

its from game.
And in response to the friends' questions, I must say.
I used different code and it was not a single game code!
And I released it a little bit.
I'm adding new stuff to the game.
Waiting for you!
And it's not a virus! Anyone who wants to have a podcast on anyaudio!

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2018-01-02 13:46:43

Everyone who likes to say, it does not matter to me!
Frustration, and disappointment!
Thanks for those who help me!
This game is the first version and it gets better!

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2018-01-02 14:01:23

now, you're contradicting yourself. In your first post, you stated that you used other code in your game, and now you state that its all yours? You're only making me want to play your game less and less every post.

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2018-01-02 14:04:31

Hey there, agreed with the post 6, Mahdy, code something on your own, something verry simple, but I do not like to be chriticist, so congratulations for the release.
And you said it is based on the zombie arena code.
I saw another game, ground killer who was completely, or almost Zombie war by the same author, Mason and it was not discused, so, congratulations to Mahdy who had the courage to say his game is based on another code.

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2018-01-02 14:42:26

Well, I'm not announcing this, if Google Translater announced I do not know big_smile

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2018-01-02 14:46:24

Well, I try to add as much as I can.
And I said that last night I hurriedly hit the hahaha!
Well, all of it is not a zombie arena, I said that!
Can you tell which game is made like this game?
sorry for bad translate, i dont like google for translating persian words

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2018-01-02 15:08:50

ah please, for god sake, use another translator

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2018-01-02 15:22:52

i think, a part copied from ultrapower, a part from SBP, a part from    zompazalips, and other mason's  games

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2018-01-02 15:24:54

BTW  thanks for  using all his bandwith  guys i love youuu

you can't run from the darkness. we are everywhere.

2018-01-02 15:27:34

mahdi, i sware if you release this crap on iranian websites  i'm gonna spam your post even if i get banned

you can't run from the darkness. we are everywhere.

2018-01-02 17:07:15

@Mahdi now you're lying and deflecting. Not great qualities in a developer if I'm honest. Make a game of your own design at least. Use classes of other people if you must, but FFS, code the damn thing yourself or what is the point. You never learn by doing the things you already know how to do. Coding is an exercise in problem solving, and you learn when you code your own stuff rather than just tweaking numbers and putting a line here and there in someone else's code. So now you've done two things, released a virtual copy of someone else's game with a few minor tweaks, then lied about its origins later. People release stuff as open source so others can learn from it, not juggle some parameters and release it as a whole new game, that's just pathetic. So now, I don't know about other people, but now I have little if any trust for you, not a great start.

The bipeds think this place belongs to them, how cute.

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2018-01-02 17:58:53

i have google translater only, if you have translater bettar, give to me!

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2018-01-02 18:06:57

@ alireza nosrati:
I was waiting for you!
Do not say laf things! i think, you are a crazy!
These games you say are not the source!
It non of your bizness! about my work. insulter and spammer!
And see!
You deserve to talk to you this way.
Do not have the abilities to me, and do not leave the rest!
You are nothing!
And meanwhile.
Do whatever you like.
google translater is stupid, because it translate some laf words big_smile smile

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2018-01-02 18:09:10

I'm not gonna mess with him! Managers and Editors!
If possible, remove Alireza Nosrati's comments anywhere in my posts.

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2018-01-02 18:34:00 (edited by Muhammad Hajjar 2018-01-02 18:37:16)

Lol I totally and completely agree with Riad. Sorry but I won't even bother myself downloading the game since it looks pointless from the begining. I'm out, please I don't want someone to jump at me saying that your words are harsh and you're frustrating him by saying this, since I've talked about that matter several times before. Despite this kid's bad reputation, what should I encourage him and his kind to? Messing up with a little piece of code then sharing it for the sake of popularity? You all know that this is totally different from those who produce things in hopes of folks to have something that's valuable for them.
Later, going to play A Hero's Call.

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