2017-12-22 08:07:45

Would it be possible to add something to the private messages link, that shows you if you have any new messages?
I just discovered one from nine months ago.
I never thought I had any, since I didn't see a number indicating unread messages.

In other words, the link might say "private messages (2)," or something like that if you had two new ones.

Just an idea that might be worth considering.

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2017-12-23 14:36:18

Your certainly not the first person to ask this (indeed I'm tempted to add it in the faq).
the problem is, if there was a way to  enable it in the admin settings, it'd already  be up, indeed I'm a bit confused since the forums over at project.aon, which also use PunbB  do have a private message counter but there   absolutely nothing  available here.

Failing Sander  installing a new extention for private messages there just isn't a lot we can do at the moment beyond sugesting you check your private messages link regularly.

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2017-12-24 06:47:32

LOL, now I just have to try and remember to check them.

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