2017-12-14 08:49:17

Did anyone notice that the site was down for a fuew weeks I am unable to access this site on my desktop but I will have to go back and check it again.

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2017-12-14 11:29:09

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that for several days all I could get from this site were cloud flare errors. Then the errors disappeared and haven't been back.

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2017-12-14 11:38:33


Since this is about the site I'll move this topic to site and forum feedback.

There was indeed a cloud flare error last week which showed up a time or two, but before I had chance to be concerned it seemed to sort itself out.

I will say due to cloudflare's hosting, the site does unfortunately no longer work with a few earlier browsers, eg internet explorer on Xp or the browser version on one of the braillenotes, but there isn't as much we can do about that unfortunately.

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