2017-12-06 02:37:33

We recently concluded this year's Thanksgiving-themed event, the Fall Festival.  It went off without problems and provided many fun quests and pk arenas to play!

Our next event will be centered around the Winter Solstice.  It will begin on Thursday, December 21st and will run for two weeks, ending on Thursday, January 4th.  Details will be forthcoming.

This past month we saw many great additions to the game, such as:

- New fairy-themed zones for the lower level twenties on Archais.

- New forged items, such as flasks, buckles, marbles and dice.

- New crafting skills: 'forge armor', 'inlay metal', and 'forge simple weapon', for the making of spears, axes, maces, hammers and many more.

- New minerals to work with mining and lapidary, such as hornblende and iolite.

Next month we plan to add the following features:

- A high-level dungeon zone for the continent of Suboria.

- 'Forge nihonto' and 'forge kozane' for Japanese style weapons and armor.

- A new metal, nickel, and accompanying alloys, such as white copper and nickel silver.

- 'Sunstone' and 'starstone' gems for lapidary and gemcutting.

- Booby, mechanical and magical traps for thieves.

- The ability to build ammunition for firearms.

We are excited to announce that we will also be raising the level cap from 37 to 38 either next month or in January!

For more information please see our latest Youtube monthly update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwTgfBEeDLw


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