Hi all,
I'm in search of a podcatcher for Windows which is accessible and can download multiple episodes of shows. I'm currently using QCast, and have been using it for several years. But more and more lately, I'm encountering issues with it. An increasing number of podcast feeds that I try to add are refused, saying the feed is unrecognized. Incidentally, this issue is also present in QFeed, but I'm more concerned with podcast management at this time.

The other frustrating thing that it does is that sometimes, when I click download all on a given podcast, it just throws errors, saying that the podcasts can't be downloaded. This usually results in me having to end the process from task manager, because if you've got a feed with a couple hundred podcasts, dismissing the dialog for every single one of them is tedious and annoying.

While I'm more than happy to listen to podcasts on my phone with overcast, I also like to keep offline copies of my favorite podcasts, in case my internet goes down, I don't have internet access, or I would just rather scroll through a folder and pick a particular episode that I want to listen to, which is obviously easier to do from a keyboard than a touch screen.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for me as to what podcatcher I can use that will download all episodes in a given feed, and will hopefully be more reliable than QCast? I'd write to the developer, but it's no secret that customer service isn't his strong suit, and that he never replies to inquiries, so I'm not even going to bother, as sad as that is. I did try Juice a few days ago, because I had read that it was accessible. it is, but I can't get it to download anything either. It just sits there at 0% for hours if I try to add files to its cue.

Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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I also would like to know what people prefer thesedays. I don't really want to download everithing, but it is refusing some podcast here too.

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I sadly have that very same issue. It's a shame really, QCast is pretty much everything I'd be looking for in a catcher.

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Have you tried Juice? It's been a very long time since I tried it, but it was decent when I used it.
I'm not surprised that QCast is acting up. I'm never buying from his company again as he doesn't maintain his software. I'm still a little annoyed I spent money on QFeed which didn't work correctly on the Mac.

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I am perfectly happy with using the podcasts app on my phone, but this might work for some people.


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Thanks. Do you have any experience with this program? I'm having some trouble figuring out how to add podcasts. It doesn't seem to be accessible, which is weird since many of the other buttons on the toolbars are labelled. I tried working with it with both NVDA and JAWS with no luck. The only thing I didn't try was using OCR, but I did play around with using object nav and the JAWS cursor to no avail. I'm really hoping I can get this figured out, because I actually did manage to download one podcast with it, and it was a breeze. The problem was that, since I couldn't subscribe to the podcast, if I wanted to go back and download more episodes, or a different podcast altogether, I had to manually reenter the URL.

The glass is neither half empty nor half full. It's just holding half the amount it can potentially hold.

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I use to use juice, but that thing hasn't been updated in like forever.

Then I tried accessible podcatcher, but some feeds wouldn't work with it.

Now I'm just using iTunes, even though some podcast episodes refuse to work for some reason.

It seams, no matter what application you use, there is always going to be some sort of problem with it.

If juice was fixed up a bit, and kept up to date, I would gladly go back to it.

Juice was great for its time, accessible, and opensource.

It even had a bunch of podcast directories to brows through.

I think these days most, if not all the ones for mobiles let you search directories.

Accessible podcatcher had a directory, wich was always a huge mess, seriously if I was that developer I think I would just get rid of the directory and have a nice, easy to use podcatcher.

I guess that's what you get when you allow the users to submit feeds directly from the application.

I haven't used accessible podcatcher for a couple of years now, so for all I know, things could be different.

I stopped using it around the time when the developer was breaking up his applications into separate installers.

I'm not even sure if his programs are still around.

It's the same developer that brought you all those accessible BBC apps, and I'm sure most of us still remember that accessible web browser, webIE.

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