2017-12-05 19:27:50

This is an audio-only game I am working on about someone who was kidnapped! You have to use audio cues to choose the correct time to escape from the trunk you are locked in. Please do not hesitate to try it out. Though it is still in its very early stages, I would like as much feedback as possible because I am at a crossroads in which direction I want to go from here. The FIRST SCENE is just an intro to what happened to the player. All you do is LISTEN here. But the SECOND SCENE allows the player to move the mouse with raycasting which triggers sounds in the trunk, also spacebar is used to make the timed escape. This prototype is just here for you all to get a feel for what I am TRYING to achieve. It is not all perfect so please I am open to your critique. Thank you!

Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=132i54 … ePeKLgERwk

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2017-12-06 17:33:47

Hello, i played your audiogame prototype a coupld days ago and i like the consept so far. But, unfortunately i wasn't able to escape, or understud how i could do it. I was able to ear only some different  noises. I am missing something?

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