hi all where can i find the gate, because if i go to the audio games archive and try to down load it there it says file not found and if i go to vg storm.com it says problem loding page when i try to download the game?

thanks in advance

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Hmmm, this is odd, I've just been to Vgstorm and the download seemed fine to me, I also checked the download link in the database to be sure and again, no problem.
I wonder if there is something up with your browser or your connection?

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same here

Sorry for my bad english. :).

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hi i just tried using internet explorer Microsoft edge and fire fox with the same results so i guess that my internet provider is blocking me from accessing this link is there something i can do to fix this.

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I forget which browser has incognitos mode, but if you have it, maybe try that?
Otherwise, maybe a proxy? I haven't heard much about those in a long while, so maybe that's a bad idea for reasons unknown.

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Okay thanks I will try that as soon as I get back from holiday in a few weeks I will let you know .

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Hi. I think it's the vgstorm sight that's the problem. I've tried to go on their multiple times and it keeps saying something about a server not being  found.


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