Okay so I'm supposed to edit this even more but I'm like meh at the moment.
I'm also supposed to compile the bloopers and such fun stuff into one file, but for now I'll just supply you with the few decently solid things I managed to cut out.

The file I'm working with seems to be corrupt so I have to redo a lot of it, meh.

This is a very rough recording of me and my guitarist jamming a few weeks ago. I recorded the entire session through a Plextalk microphone, having the device right by a window without testing any sound levels. Here's what I have.

This is just the first shit we improvised, jammed together. It's not a song or anything. He just started playing and I did the same.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/hc09x4ata451m … y.mp3?dl=1

Then we improvised and worked on something like this for quite some time. This is the best version I currently have, although I think there might be a better one hidden in the unedited remainder of the file.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ak7m8zbvvblb … I.mp3?dl=1

Oh don't mind the silly names I came up with when editing the file, it's nothing official or anything like that.

The next bit of improvisation came as a result of me shouting "alla kan fan spela punk! Kan du inte spela punk kan du gå hem!" ("everyone can damn well play punk, if you can't play punk you can go home")
Love the filename for this one big_smile
https://www.dropbox.com/s/4linasc9ot6pb … n.mp3?dl=1

I had a sneak-peek at the remaining unedited file yesterday and I heard an even better improvisation around this general riff which made me motivated to continue editing, I just don't know when. For now, have this. Oh and don't mind the beginning.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/cnrgz2chf6sbb … t.mp3?dl=1

Well that's all for now, enjoy!

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Great drumming chops man, love the guitar riffs as well.

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Yea keep in mind I haven't played drums for over 5 years so I think I did a decent job.

Keep the Lundin-cult alive;
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