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If this topic could be named better let me know. Basically there are some games or podcasts that have web addresses in them, real or fake. I was wondering how many of them have people tried? I'll start with 2 of my own discoveries.
Super Liam advertised a website in the intro to the third level called streammadness.com. I went to that website, and it turns out that it's an actual radio network with 2 stations on it, The Plague and Smooth Covers. The latter of the 2 doesn't seem to work, however.
PG13LP was doing a stream of Time Adventures 1 time, and Ghorthalon was trying to bring up the web IRC. During this, Piotr was advertising a website called veryprofessionalpeople.com. Of course this was meant as sarcasm, but I decided that I would try looking up the site anyways. I got a few search results, including beautiful people and people's jewelers.
So, how many people have tried looking up websites mentioned in podcasts and games like this. I'd be really interested to know.

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