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Hi all,

I've been heavily customizing NVDA settings and keyboard commands. What is the best way to backup these settings? Should I backup the entire NVDA folder under the appdata folder or just the nvda.ini file located in that folder? I'm thinking the entire folder would be better since NVDA seems to store settings in multiple files. I wish NVDA had a feature like VoiceOver where you could choose specific settings or export all settings to a single file.

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2017-11-12 10:03:38

The only way to exclusively back up NVDA settings is to make a portable copy of it and export it to another computer.

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2017-11-12 11:29:34

Let's take a look in the appdata folder, shall we.
addons: All your add-ons installed.
appModules, brailleDisplayDrivers, globalPlugins and synthDrivers: older style .py files of application specific scripts, braille display drivers, global scripts and synthesizers. These are usually empty, because add-ons have become the new way of installing them.
profiles: Configuration profiles created, such as for applications, for manual activation or say all.
speechDicts: Dictionaries used to control how NVDA speaks certain strings, whether default (every synth), voice specific or temporary (until NVDA restarts)
addonsState.pickle: Required for the list of add-ons, and whether they are installed or suspended etc.
gestures.ini: All input gesture configurations appear here. These include keyboard commands, touch gestures and braille display command configurations.
profileTriggers.ini: Required for the list of profiles.
symbols-xx.dic: The customisation of the symbol pronunciation dialog is in this file. xx represents the language code, such as en or es.
updateCheckState.pickle: Required to check for the latest version.

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