2017-11-11 08:13:30 (edited by firefly82 2017-11-11 08:48:47)

Hi to all!
I resently found this mud. It is dead, but it is looking funny so far.
It is pure PVP. You have to build up your base with a lot of funny stuff like garages where you can build mechs or other vehicles. Or you can build Airfields to build aircraft. Even spacecenter to research starfighters and other stuff.
Then you have to crush your enemys.
Did anyone here tryed this?
Maybe someone here is interested to try for having a little destruction fun?

Simply go to:
Port 6660

Little update:
The mud is open source. So anyone may change or download or upgrade it.

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2017-11-11 09:54:12

yes, I tried it, but I left because there were absolutely no players online. Now if there was a similar mud with actual players, or better yet an audio game with the same features, count me in.

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2017-11-12 05:18:48

An audiogame based on assault would be just awesome.. I tried to play there for a while but it didn't work: Not only was the game laking in playerS
But I really wish it would be pocible for players to recruit troops to protect their base.

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