hi! i really, really wanna old ultrapower versions. it can, be source, it can be release with hosting server option, but please sent it to me. and please, dont ban me for this topic!

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Ultrapower is still up and running, believe it or not. Under a different name, but it still is up, as far as I know. It was a month ago anyway, I don't think anything's changed.

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While it probably isn't a problem to ask for genuine old versions of ultrapower, I wouldn't go asking for source, because whether you intended to or not, you basically just did by saying it can be source. Also, keep in mind that we could really only give you versions that rely on your own server if you really want them. There are, as you probably know, versions that are anything but future proof, and are nonfunctional because they rely on the dedicated server, it would be futile to upload those.

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Could I be modded for like two seconds, then unmodded? I just want the satisfaction of pressing the ban button on this guy, like seriously...

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but blind jetty. what is name of this up? and when i can download it

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@Ironcross You right. big_smile I will same. @Stasp, seriously? This game has abandoned, and i really dont know what make's it out of the differend games? It's normal sidescroller similar to Scrolling battles and more.

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agreed with post 6 and 4. statsh, these are so mutch games are clones of ultrapower: "BTB, The killer, CM" they are working on the same system. yes, maybe tk is 3d, but, this game is ultrapower's clone too.

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@Dash: What is the point of bringing up this old topic again?

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noone will give to you megapower,  gigapower,  or ultra.
don't bring that topics again

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10 (edited by Aarush 2018-05-31 06:04:13)

guys? not meaning to be harsh stasp, when will this fuckin clone bullshit stop? oltrapower was a clone and so were a few other games? let go of them! i'm sure devs are working on better games! and you can too! i know you wanna host stuff just for power i've seen quite a lot of people trying to get sources of games just to get dev and hoster power. just, stop! get over it! stolen code, game is bullcrap! this clone and arguing about it, all it does is spoil every one's moods and makes them think harsh of every online multiplayer game. just, i request you, humbly, just stop. let go of those dam clones. do something of your own, or play something origenal, or whatever. i mean, secretly asking for source is not a good thing to do anyway, and you're asking it openly on the official forom? like ceriusly? and then you say"please dont ban me?" dude reading this, i can't literally stop from saying, "w,t,f!" haha. regards, aarush. big_smile

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Stw? CLone too, uses account system, oh it uses .usr files for saving character data. Its a clone! run!


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