To post 50. The game will be released on the 29th of December. The Items pack isn't really beeing set as something extra buyers of the game can get, at least for now. It was only set as a reward for certain pledges of the KickStarter campaign.

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This is excellent! I can't wait to play the game on my YouTube channel. Do you have any system requirements? I'll be playing this on a MacBook Air so I initially worried about the graphics demand. Fortunately, it sounds like this game won't include graphics in the initial version. I also assume this is a standard Windows application that runs on Windows 7 and higher?

Grab my Adventure at C: stages Right here.

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This is really awesome news. I'm so excited...
I will highly recommend you to take preorders, especially when the release date is the 29th of December. If you do that, I'm sure many people will note a preorder of this game on their wishlist for christmas.
An other thing to keep in mind: Since the game have the translation feature, you have peoples interest world wide, also those who don't speak english at all. You properly only have access to the english community. Keep in mind that there are lots of people like me, who are announcing news in our own language for people who don't speak english. So what I'm trying to say is: You have peoples interest world wide, also those who don't speak english. Therefore, I think it's extremely important to take preorders for christmas presents. There are many young people out there who don't have their own credit card, and therefore wanna set this game on their wishlist. I think you'll get a ton of preorders because of christmas if you choose to open up for this... Keep up the fantastic job guys. It's difficult to wait... big_smile

Best regards SLJ.
If you like the post, then please give it a thumps up.
Feel free to contact me privately if you have something in mind. If you do so, then please send me a mail instead of using the private message on the forum, since I don't check those very often.
Happy gaming... :D

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Great news Joseph, I'm looking forward to playing the game, and hopefully all being well I will be getting it on the release date big_smile

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And a kinda cily yet question to ask, but I'm curious big_smile how much size in MB will the game almost going to be?

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This is truly excellent news, and I will second what many have said, that being I can't wait!
Although, just think: dec. 29th really isn't that far away now is it?


servers online

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a question because I am a cureouss person.
In witch programming language is this game made? Just wonderring...
as regards preorders, it doesn't effect me because in my country Crismess falls on 7th of January, so this game cant be on my wishlist. to bad.

My search criteria on audiogames will never be the age of the developer, what ever someone else may say.
If you wish to contact me, please do it by email or any other way in my profile.
And, give me a thumbs up, that keep me motivated to do stuf, even if I cant do any stuf.

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Hi I am happy that shis game will be release soon.
You can be sure, that I will purchase this title, because I love rpg games and I love good kond of work man.
I think, that you should make any preorders for christmas, I want to purchase this game for the gift.
I think that you should release any playable demo, because I know some people, which wont purchase any game pefore they will not check.
I understand, why you wont release any demo, but if it is possible, do any audio demo which will shows you a basic mechanic and gameplay.
I am so excited, when it will be released, and it will be my day, when I will play this game.
I am planning to do a night stream on my youtube channel for Polish community, but I can do that in english also.
I love your work, and I will support you.

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Congratulations. Looking forward to play the game at last smile
The soundtrack was great on its own, I can only imagine the full game will be even better.
Great job, guys.

Red fox! :D
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For those who didn't follow the game's development, here is a short description:
A Hero's Call, from Out of Sight Games.
An Accessible Fantasy Role Playing Game for the PC, to be released December 29, 2017.
You are a traveler thrust into a world of possibilities
when you find the city of Farhaven under attack by a mysterious enemy.
Along with a small band of allies, you must explore the surrounding lands,
discover the identity of your enigmatic foe, and save Farhaven from certain conquest.
Do you have what it takes to answer a hero's call?
Discover an expansive world, Venture forth from the town of Farhaven to explore mysterious forests, goblin-infested tunnels, haunted catacombs, and much
With 17 unique maps, you'll always have new lands to explore.
Follow a turn-by-turn beacon system to locations you've already discovered,
or venture out on your own, you never know what you might find!
Build your characters, Choose from one of six different classes, each with unique skills, and tailor your attributes for your specific style of play.
Will you use melee or ranged weapons?
Will you strike down your opponents with the power of the elements?
Or will you attack from the shadows?
Will you heal and defend with holy magic?
Or strike terror with the powers of necromancy?
Expand your party with four unique allies.
Engage with a dynamic world, Meet over 40 NonPlayer characters, with dynamic behaviors and dialogues affected by your choices and actions.
Some will fight alongside you, while others may have secrets to reveal.
Test your might as you explore and encounter over 70 different enemies,
from bandits and wolves to giant spiders, golems, and dragons,
you will never be lacking for foes to vanquish.
Turn-based combat provides comfort for players of all skill levels,
while positional audio puts you in the center of visceral, action-packed battles.

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So excited! As I've said before this is exactly what I've been hankering for in audio games since I discovered them fourteen years ago. Of course I had to buy the soundtrack to tide myself over LOL.

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Wait, did it say dragons? Did it... say... dragons? Oh my!

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I think that I speak for all of us when I say: "WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?!"

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29th of December? Same date as when I get the second part of my Leviathan Tattoo done. Maaaan it's a hard choice, really.
But I think I can wait, since their servers will probably be bogged down the instant it's released. I can just see some people sitting there refreshing the page looking for a change so they can throw themselves on the download / buy buttons.

I'm still very much afraid that the game will be too small compared to the hype. But regardless, just like a blind legend it might really be an awesome incredible hour or two of adventuring. And of course, I know this'll be better than a blind legend!

Is there any place I can donate to your cause afterwards? I bought the sound track and threw in a couple of extra dollars. But I want to help to make sure that after it's all said and done and the major pieces have fallen into the place and the community is silent and brooding over how to slay the mighty dragon of doom, you guys need to have enough money to say fuck it, let's celebrate this by going to the Caribian and have a 2 week binge on a smooth white beach lined by vibrant palms.

Looking very much forward to this! Thank you again for your amazing work --- I think. There's really no way of telling until I've played it myself.

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That is my question.  What is the length of this game?  one hour? 5?  And how does this game stack up in terms of replay value?

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I don't think the game will be short, for one reason: The Talisman Quest. If all quests are like it, then this game should take you a while. It took them sixteen minutes to get through it and they knew EXACTLY where to go. So, yes, this game will take time to get through. I know it. I'm excited!

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I'm giving into grievances again.
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Yes. It's an rpg game anyways, so probably will take a lot of time to beat at least the main adventure. Joseph said that the main story itself takes over 10 hours as an average, so guess it for yourself. I might take over 15 hours for the first run, so imagine the other quests and how valuable the repliability is in this game. So expect something that would entertain you for a good long while.

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@57: Don't quote me on this, but I want to think it's C#?
@64: So, the JFIM Adventure was nowhere near as time-consuming as AHC. When I tried timing how long it took to complete, early on, it was around 4 hours. As I got more use to it, I can speed-run it in 1, assuming I stick to the essentials. So if we do a little multiplication, I'm going to guess 12-48 hours for AHC? big_smile

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69 (edited by Dragomier 2017-11-10 18:40:49)

Joseph, you will be receiving a PM from me shortly, or by the time you've read this, you will have one.

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I'm giving into grievances again.
You're looking at an absolute zero,
I'm not the devil but I won't be your hero.

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Yeah, I imagine a lot of replay value will come from playing the game with different character classes. Even the original Final Fantasy on the old Nintendo, a relatively simple game by today's standards, had a lot of replay value simply because of the many different party combinations you could play with. And even if AHC ends up being a little short it's still well worth it to me. This is, after all, the first true fantasy RPG in our market, at least in terms of audio games. I mean yeah we've got Entombed but this is the first one with an actual linear story since Entombed was basically just a dungeon crawl when you get right down to it. Of course we've also got Manamon and Paladin of the Sky but I'd consider those more in the vain of Sci-Fi than Fantasy. But short or not I don't doubt I'm going to have a lot of late nights with this one. And I agree with Lord London. I can totally see people sitting on the servers constantly refreshing the page looking for a change once the 29th rolls around. LOL. I'll probably have a hard time not being one of them.

Focus your powers and prepare for buttle.

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So, here I come. I am just... don't know how to name this feeling, anyways, I have money deposited for this day. @Josef, I will try to do the stream of me buying and testing the game. Gameplays will also be done I hope smile. Great work! And I expect more titles from you guys!

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I'm also hoping to do an LP at some point if I can get my hands on some good recording equipment.

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Rather than answering specific post numbers, I'll just respond to a couple of general topics:

Regarding system requirements / download size, I don't have official stats for you yet but you can definitely expect them before the release date. I don't think any modern machine should have trouble running the game, though. Regarding the user with a MBA, I also plan to do some serious testing with Wineskin to see if the game can be played on OS X that way. It worked way back in development but a lot of changes have been made since then.

The engine itself is written in C#, with a lot of high-level functionality exposed to Typescript, which is where a lot of the scripted behavior (quests, dialogues, combat, etc.) lives.

Regarding the worldwide appeal, this is a great point, and I'd love any ideas from those of you not in the US about ways that we could spread the word to gamers in your communities. I love the idea of foreign-language Let's Plays, and so on. We do hope to put up at least one new demo of the on-demand translation, in another language, once we're a little bit closer to release. Feel free to email if you have any other ideas.

And I just have to say, I'm super excited about listening to all the streams and Let's Plays once the game releases. Hearing other people's take on the gameplay experience will be a very cool experience.

Oh, one specific reply: #64, LordLundin, if you can beat the main story in two hours, I will personally refund your purchase price, and buy you a steak dinner. And of course, in a game like this, the main story is only a portion of the content, considering the dozens of side quests, and just plain exploring. But yeah...I guarantee it'll be more than an hour or two of entertainment...unless you get bored, which I can't do anything about.

As far as supporting us in addition to purchasing, there's a donation page at www.outofsightgames.com/donate that we'll never turn people away from.

Ok...back to work. This might come as a surprise, but as exciting as announcing a release date is, it's also super-stressful because now we're committed, and can't say, "Well, I'll get to that later..." We appreciate all the excitement though—it's such a great motivator!

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Hell yes! Time to become a dragon killer! Is it possible to play as different races? Like be a dragon or a goblin or something? I'm also curious about speed running it, if possible I may play through it once then speed run it.

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Oh man. I had thought about supporting this game during the campaign, but was unable to at that point. I'm ecstatic that a release date has been set, and this will hopefully be the game that gets me out of my slump towards audio games in general as of late. Nothing has really caught my interest in quite some time, or, of the games that have, I got burnt out on them within a few days. This game sounds epic though.

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