Well I don't have issues with companies decluttering, even apple and google are doing that.
Its the way they are doing it which I have a problem with.
For example, skype.
Remove the big home pain and just have the tabs, even if it needs adds to survive, heck have skype pro subscription where you pay a bit and have no adds I think you have this allready.
The point is, maybe people didn't tell them how good skype was, a few tweaks and boom, skype is good enough to use right?
Apple slim down the look alike apps, yeah, I could see why, but how thats structured, needs a bit of work, but its probably something to revise just look at the new firefox, it aint perfect mozilla admit its not, but its a new interface and a way of doing things and for those that write addons for it they aggree its probably more powerfull than chrome.
I really think ms should keep its interface.
I'd be happy if ms made their system edge based, or even better have some classic interface for the disabled.
It appearsthough right now the trend is to declutter and fuck the users.
Ofcause that doesn't mean that once they have all decluttered that revisions won't be made and so there is that but right now its all well.
Skype as a client as it is now is still a bloated piece of shit but at least I can use it.
Now skype will become a well bit of garbage which I may or may not be able to use.
Its a usefull tool, I use it daily but not that much.
If it goes totally bad I'm just going to have to use email right now till thunderbird gets fouled who knows.
And then it will be expensive phone calls surely they can't buggerise that.

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It's the same interface that the Whatsapp PC client uses. There are a few differences, but if you can/can't use that, then you'll have a similar experience here.

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I see. Well, I could grin and bear it, but it's not something I particularly relish doing.

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getting that windows store error while installing the new skype? just run the installer in compatibility with win7 and it's  all gone. I think It's because win7 does not have a store app.


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I'm curious to see how future JAWS scripts will handle it.

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TO those using the newest version of Skype.

I'd highly recommend downloading an older version for now and turning off the download the latest updates automatically feature in the options.

I'm going to add this thread to my post on the feedback hub and hope it helps a little.

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Is skype like ios and windows updates where old versions get dropped? If not, we could just stick to old versions, actually now that I say that I better go check to make sure my mac hasn't updated automatically...

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dug lee already has a script for the skype app

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