hello gamers! I have been craving to play mtg for a while now, but haven't came across a dev that will take on the task, so I went on fiver to find someone that could possibily make an assessable version of the game for an affordable price. I came across a dev, and this is the things he says he is good at when it comes to programming. I don't know really anything when it comes to programming, so im looking on advice on what direction I should tell him to go in when making the game assessable for screen readers. here are the things he listed on his profile. if anyone has a suggestion on the type of message I should send him, to let him know I need the mtg game to be assessable with screen readers, for us to play it, let me know

dev profile:
I can develop games in any environment you want i use.

Such a Corona SDK, Unity, CryEngine, Cocos2D-X. (Anything you want)

I can develop in Java, C# or Python, but i'll prefer to develop in C/C++ and/or Lua.

I have strong knowledge on:
OOP design.
Data-driven pattern.
IA and logic.

Also i always have a clean code and goods programming habits, so i can integrate well into most of teams.

Price? Depends of the size of the game and tecnologies that we would use.

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I'm not sure on what to reply, since I don't know the game. But the developer needs to know about accessibility, or be willing to learn about it.

Best regards SLJ.
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First off the dev needs to actually go to Wizards of the Coast and put all this past them, they decide who gets the MtG license.

Secondly they have to hope that WotC are willing to allow the dev to make the game accessible. Basically, when working with licenses, like WotC you are at the whims of the license holder. For example if you're making a racing game you can't have the cars be too damaged if working with a car maker and licensing their content. Same for WotC, you can't, for example, put a card in they don't allow you to, or a feature, so if WotC come back to the dev and say no accessibility features, there's nothing the dev can do except negotiate....

That's how dealing with licenses work and as WotC own the license to MtG, it's  entirely their decision what features they put in any game.

Same for any license older. if I held the rights to a game I could tell you not to include, say, a language pack and you'd have to go along with it, or negotiate.

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I believe noone ever told you how expensive this will get right?
Just think about the following:
MTG is a really big card project. Just imagine WoC will allow that game to be created, the developer has two options:
Either work on it beneath his actual work task (which will result in less cost, but much slower work, it will probably take years to complete that way)
or work fulltime on it, which means you'd need to pay him fulltime so he can buy food, pay his rent... which results in probably more than $1000,00, per month.
I'm not sure if you can handle paying a real developer programming a game you like, because thats not how it usually works.
Developers are payed by employees to work for their companies, because they got the money. If you, as a private person, want something developed, you either find someone who does it for free, you do it on your own or you will probably never see the end result of the product, because the dev works months and years beneath his actual job, and this most likely results in a never-ending project, because the motivation drops after some time, and you aren't willing to pay him for doing nothing.
Just think about it. I guess trying the payment way doesn't lead you anyway.
Best Regards.

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these answers are very disappointing......so why cant there be made a mtg mud the same way a yugioh mud was made? cant they both just follow the same concept? I doubt the maker of the yugioh mud got konami permission to make that mud

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Well, I don't think the developer of the yugi mud got permission to do that, but I know that the developers of interfaces like YGOPro DevPro or YGOPro2 already got problems with the lawyer so they needed to prevent people from downloading their stuff publically on the net. Thats why you need to join the discord servers to grab the links, because thats some kind of a gray zone right now.
WoC are even worse than Konami, thats why there is, except of XMage, nearly no other MTG game on the net except the originals from WoC, because they track you down and make you pay if you try to do that. I believe the main developers of XMage are stationed in some "protected" country like China, where the laws are a bit different from the ones in the USA or UK or whatever, which makes things harder for WoC.
I never said you may not try it, I just told ya that it will probably cost you alot and even more if you try to do it privately and pay someone for developing it.
Best Regards.

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Last I heard, someone was looking into modifying XMage, but I have no idea on the status of their progress. For more info, see this forum thread.

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