2017-11-01 22:38:53

Hi all,

I've been wondering what I'm going to do when the battery in my Focus 40 Blue dies. I don't expect this to happen in the short term, but I still have to wonder what I'm going to do 5 or 10 years down the road. This is the original Bluetooth model from 2009 that I got for $350 used. Is it possible to find replacement batteries for this or am I going to have to keep it connected via USB or the power adapter? Does Freedom Scientific still support this model? I highly doubt it and even if they did, they would probably charge outrageous prices if I contacted them.

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2017-12-05 16:16:09

I think you need to open up the actual display to replace the battery. I actually did this once and nearly lost some crucial elements that I needed to have to put it together. It is similar to a battery that you'd plug into a cordless phone. It has a wire sticking out at one end that you simply connect. Your best bet is to call Freedom Scientific about it. :-)

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