I think that's part of the problem. They don't really know what to do, and they don't know how to balance a game. Sam's strength are coding and audio editing / mixing. They do not include game balancing. I think he probably wants to take a development position, rather than an administrative one, but the problem with that scheme is that if you want to do that, you had better have a good admin team in place, which, I don't think is the case. I think a lot of them are inexperienced, and while I wouldn't say immature, I wouldn't exactly say mature either. Also, you kind of have to listen to your team, talk to one another, discuss issues that come up, no matter from which quarter, whether it be disciplinary, balance, or the like. The ability for the team to lk amongst themselves and feel like no one of them is worth more or less than anyone else. Sam doesn't listen though, he is convinced his way is right, and he does what he does regardless of what other people think, which is fine, but then you have the type of issues he has now. IT's also bad if its his team that are also being given the cold shoulder, or ignored.

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I think it really just comes down to finding that balance between making sure that as many players are having fun as possible while ensuring that things don't get too far out of hand. As far as the amount of these topics that are popping up surrounding this game, I personally don't see this as irritating/annoying. I certainly think that the amount of people who are wanting to share their negative experiences (the experiences that are genuine anyways) from playing should be taken as a sign that something needs to change. How many topics like this one have we seen recently? Enough to know that there are enough players who aren't entirely satisfied with certain aspects of the game. (the majority of issues centering around how the game is moderated)

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the day they decide to take me up on the offer I stand willing to assist them,and then they'll have a game that rocked the ag net and overall audiogame world's socks off and didn't send their bloodpressure through the roof for all the wrong reasons.

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[wow], this topic is still alive? I'm gonna start the post by clearing up a few misconceptions.
@blink_wizard: I happen to know what happened in this particular scenario. Basically the computer ID system used in bans falsely flagged your friend, the file was simply a script which returned a computer ID for verification. I personally don't know of many other instances where this was required, feel free to correct me though.
Also, I talked to the person placing bar bombs around the store, and to my knowledge he hasn't repeated this. I've since coded a system that makes it impossible to place certain items in certain areas, some things are still being worked out, however. It should be in the game for the next server restart, hopefully fixing that as well as many other issues. From what I know about them, admin stars were added as sort of a last ditch item. they've only been used a couple times, in instances where the game was becoming extremely unfair. As of right now developers are the only ones who possess the means of getting these items, and they haven't been abused. Again, feel free to correct me on this.

It honestly saddens me to see redspots current community and reputation, something I've been attempting to and will continue to try and change. the game has a lot of potential, and as of right now a lot of that is going to waste. I'm sure we can all agree many past situations could've been handled differently by players and administrators alike. In the past, and perhaps part of the reason for much of this reputation, there was no other action but the ban. No kick, nothing. so all administrators could do was just that. It was undoubtedly a pretty big problem that served to harm the games reputation down the road. My stance has always been for giving administrators more options in dealing with players, and great progress has been made with this.

I totally see where you guys are coming from as far as imbalance. this is one thing I'm extremely adamant about changing, and I know many others who are as well. the next update will contain measures to improve the balance, *grown* like the last 3? Your probably thinking. There'll be options not only for those wanting to establish power with bases and what not, but for those who want to simply come on the game and have quick fights with opponents having the same or similar stats. I've read posts in this topic and had pretty good discussions about problems that players are facing with not only Sam and beta members, but every-day players as well. We've hopefully come up with solutions that'll serve to make the game a better and more enjoyable environment for all. Many aspects are unclear right now, but we'll be posting them in the future, as opposed to making nearly everything a surprise which, as shown by past new releases, probably isn't always the best option. Ideas are always welcome, and I guess only time will tell.

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1 of the features in the next update we are coding that I will tell you all right now is the killingground map. Right now on redspot you just spawn on the battlefield. You spawn right into all of the OP teams and bases. This is changing. In the next update, you spawn on the killing ground. This is basicly the map in redspot pre bases. No one can build bases on this map because no wood spawns. Basicly you get to log in and make a few kills and log off. If your health gets above like 5000 or so, you will be put onto the battlefield with all the other players where bases and teams are. I have to go now to my next class, but I can explain more about this later. I will be writing a much better post later, this one was a bit rushed.

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hopefully this upcoming update will actually help fix the ballence of the game, not make it even more unballenced. also glad to see carter's in the team, hopefully we can see more things come out of the game with more devs to work on it

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Yeah, a dev not suffering from cranium anal insertion and who is actually skilled... now we just need to hope he can have the string to do what needs to be done. When I contributed briefly it was always "finish up and send me the code so I can edit it again" and dam any idea of a version control system because well, hackers.

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Um, is it just me or is getting placed into the battlefield map when you have only 5000 health going to put you at the mercy of more powerful players?
I mean for someone like me who likes to power up, could this become, rather annoying?
Then again I don't know much if anything about the next update so what I may be saying could be completely wrong.

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