2017-10-28 00:43:04

Hello I am wondering how you read out loud with a screen reader. I would like to be able to read out loud with out putting a storie in text to speech. The reason for this is I'm going to be recording a podcast for Halloween. I'm going to be reading some ghost stories.

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2017-10-28 01:39:35

For me, since all of my various talking devices speak at incredibly fast rates, its no problem to read at a normal speed while listening. Just make sure your reader isn't getting picked up by your mike, like where headphones or something.
Also, if you have a braille embosser, you could always print them out in braille though if your not too fast a braille reader this may slow your speaking down.

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2017-10-28 02:05:47

I'd recommend using a Braille display if you're reading from a computer. If not, manually braille the content and have it with you. You may be able to repeat after a speech synthesizer, but I personally couldn't do it as efficiently.

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2017-10-30 21:25:12

I also use a Braille display when reading stuff out loud. And I agree, reading stuff out loud with a screen reader, especially for people who are using it at fast rates just like me, it isn't all that good. But my Braille reading speed isn't that good either. So yeah.

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2017-10-31 16:50:30

If you have a good enough microphone that won't pick it up, navigate by word and read that way. Like I said you'll need to have a good microphone/recording environment. Nobody wants to listen to a recording where the narrator has speech leaking from headphones or is frantically pressing buttons on the keyboard.

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2017-11-01 05:03:57

I know I can't do it. my short term memory is really really bad though, like really bad.

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2017-11-01 07:22:31

I'm with Cartertemm. That's basically how I always do it, it works just fine for me.

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2017-12-05 16:26:15

I'd memorise what I'd say. Since you're not doing a cold reading, just read through the passage in Braille a few times until you have a sufficient understanding of what you will read next. Some people can autopredict what words will come next. For example, if you read, Hel, you 'll think of hello. If you see  Brai, you might think of Braille.I know someone who uses a wireless headset and they can read out what their screen reader is saying one line at a time.

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2017-12-05 16:34:54 (edited by togira ikonoka 2017-12-05 16:35:47)

I can't do that. since I am not be able to divide my focus into 2 things at the same time, so that's one of many challenge I am facing in many things in my life.
so how do you guys do it?
is there any practice I can do to overcome this?
and my reading speed with braille is slow, so yeah.

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2017-12-06 00:08:39

There's no way I would ever be able to do that. I think it's because I'm not an auditory learner. In fact, my auditory processing sucks. Combine that with the fact that I'm not exactly the most comfortable with public speaking, although I can do it if it's a subject I'm well versed in, and it would be a disaster for me to try and read after a screen reader. I'm fortunate in that I do own a Braille display, and my Braille reading speed is quite fast, so I've never encountered the problem where I had to do it. I know I'd do a horrible job though.

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