there's a thing that really anoys me about jaws and that is when a english version of jaws is out ti takes months until other languages gets that version too. me personally don't like to wait for the swedish version to come out and the only reason that i want it is so that i can read the braile letters that swedish has.  i don't get what's so god damn hard to release everything at the same time and not have some users wait just because they want jaws in another language

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Although you can find it on some shareware index sites like softpedia or softtonic, it looks like Cedrick Collins' Unlocker is dead. I got a message today when I ran it that there was a new version, but when I tried to go to the web site to get it, I got a 503 service not available error.

There is another similar tool by IOBit but I have never used it so I don't know how it compares to Cedrick's version which has always worked well for me and seemed fully accessible.


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This is slightly off topic, but speaking of annoying issues with windows and unable to delete something, here's the situation.
I'm running windows 10 and Jaws 18, just for a little background. A while back, I installed Star Trek Final Conflict on my pc, but for whatever reason, when I went to launch it, it never would fully load into memory or something, I heard the Karen voice that Thomas chose to use for that game. But she said a few words, and it just froze. I had to use task manager to shut it down.
I then rebooted my PC and tried again. The same thing happened. So when I went to remove it from programs and features... why didn't they just leave it as add or remove programs?..?..? rofl
Anyway, the final conflict is like grayed out, and unavailable. So I can't get rid of the damn thing. And every once in a while a strange program, or something shows up in my window list, the list when you press insert er, jaws key plus F10?
Well in there, I have something listed as, OverlayWindow 0 on top. I tab twice to switch to that active window, and hit alt F4 on it to close it. If I don't do that, my computer will begin to act wacky when I start opening a number of programs/aps or games after a while.

If anyone can help me get rid of this super annoying pest, I'd be in your debt. Seriously it'd be a huge relief to get this gone.

Thanks guys for any help on this.

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Try going through the start menu and navigating to the Star Trek Final Conflict folder and see if there's a shortcut to the uninstall there instead of going through the control panel.

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I haven't tried installing stfc on a windows 10 machine so I can't say what is going on, but I do remember it has an uninstaller.
If worst comes to worst though it is that sort of case where I would use C cleaner, either  remove the program, or to simply delete appropriate files.

If you've not tried C cleaner I can highly recommend it. I haven't tried the commercial version, though with how much use the free version has been I probably should look at the differences.

Still for all your needs in disk cleanup, from registry fixes to defrag and cookie deletion, not to mention some handy tools for removing browser addons, unwanted programs or windows components or tracking startup, it's really useful.

The homepage is here.

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first, if you like either windows 10, or JAWS, or both, I beg, don't bother reading further. last year, I started my windows experience for the first ever time. I happened to start with an old HP, with windows 10, and NVDA. honestly, that thing was so bad, I almost gave up on windows. short story, I ended up blaming my hardware, or NVDA. last december, I got this 8.1 samsung, which I'm on right now. at least 3 times faster, no freezes, no sluggishness in task manager, nothing. so I thought it must have been either my hardware, or windows 10. even JAWS is faster on this thing. about june or so, I got another laptop, since this is through my school. it's an i5 processor, with windows 10 (no crack). you'd think it would work beautifully. well... windows 10 is still as bad as it was last year. opening task manager lags out the thing entirely. in short, putting my windows 10 with better specs than my 8.1, and having a game of which is the fastest, the i3 with 8.1 wins all the way. booting is faster, after logging in it's seconds, whereas it's minutes on my 10. and, please don't suggest to do a clean install, I've done that already. windows 10 is simply fucked. the story is slightly better with JAWS, opening task manager doesn't freeze JAWS as bad, but JAWS is simply not ready for windows 10. the amount of graphic you hear over actual text is down right entertaining. so for me, for as long as I can, I will not use windows 10 as primary. 8.1 all the way, and NVDA all the way. so let's speak about JAWS. look at it's release notes, and look at NVDA'S what's new. from this we understand that: 1) JAWS is catching up with NVDA, at least with JAWS 18 and 2018. 2) paying for JAWS isn't justified at all. if not for windows 10, something like JAWS 15 would do the job just fine. so what am I paying for? do I pay for edge support, that's been there since NVDA 2016.4?    simply put, unless you're willing to pay, or unless you're willing to change screen readers, don't upgrade from windows 8 or 7, and your current JAWS will do fine. since I can't get anything besides windows 10 nowadays, and this thing is falling apart, I will have to put up with fuckdows 10, but I can do it for the same price as millions of others, in the name of NVDA. if not for windows 10, I would perhaps consider buying JAWS, and don't bother upgrading. but this way... I'd rather get one of these new android based note takers. least they get upgrades for free. the amount of lag you get in the desktop app of skype, and the amount of crashes, plus hopelessness of JAWS in games is simply a waste of my productivity times. I'm not the most advanced user out there, but I want it to simply work. PS. the start menu of windows 10 doesn't properly work, either, but NVDA handles it slightly better. even if it doesn't, for that price tag, you have the rights to expect it to work. and with NVDA, you get upgrades daily, in the name of snapshots. we'll speak again when, if ever, JAWS has something similar. until then...

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Hi. In the name of darkness I would seriously suggest to everyone fighting with start menu and other stuff, to install classic shell. As I jumped right from Xp to 10, it was definitely one of the first things to do to my new system. So probably I havent tasted the worst stuff like all the sluggishness and else, but I simply didn't like this all new stylish start menu and other tricks mainly aimed at visual users.
There are also other nifty tools like Winaero tweeker, for modifying more advanced stuff related to interface and overall behaviour of the system. There is even some unofficial thingy for uninstalling Cortana completely. I did it with a big sigh of relief, as I don't like sutch kind of programs simply clogging up the system and having free resources for breakfast, especially if you don't have the newest and funkiest hardware on the planet.

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If you decide to try CCleaner, beware!

First off, CCleaner isn't exactly what I'd call screen reader friendly, while object navigation will help you get farther than you normally would without it, you'll run across options that don't tell you whether they are on or off, even when you toggle them.

Even worse, Piriform has seen fit to pollute their once clean installer with crapware such as Internet Explorer toolbars and other such generally unwanted junk that you have to opt out of or have installed on your system.

I used to highly recommend CCleaner, but not any more.

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Hmmm odd there Orco, I just checked C cleaner options and they're either lists of properties you can disable or enable with the context menu such as cookies and exceptions, or options that have check boxes, eg, if I go to settings then there will be something like "run c cleaner at startup" and if I hit spacebar it says "checked" otherwise it isn't. I don't know how this works in jaws but you might want to make sure that reporting of check boxes is okay.

As to installing other stuff, it's something I've noticed with a lot of installers that they want to install chrome and the google toolbar, but making sure the options are unchecked during the installation isn't that hard, and hay if worst comes to the worst you always have C cleaner to dispose of anything you install by mistake big_smile.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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Hmmm. Maybe I'll try it again, I admit it's been at least a year since I last tried it.

After uninstalling the last attempt, I sent Piriform an email detailing many of CCleaner's many accessibility issues at the time, but never got a reply so I assumed they didn't care, and left it at that.

Then got used to using other tools to replace CCleaner. The only thing I miss about CCleaner now is the cookie manager, in my searching, which hasn't been exhaustive, I have yet to find one I like, and have considered just writing my own.

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i personally don't really like using those kind of programs like c cleaner. they usually don't solve problems and they're anoying to navigate

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Well, I never had problem with using it.

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It depends upon the program, but C cleaner at least I've always found both easy to navigate and helpful, first time I ran it it cut the startup time on my computer by more than half, and I'm fairly sure my xp machine went as long as it did because of regular cleaning.
Then there are all the useful little functions like clearing cookies you don't want and leaving the ones you do, or removing unwanted windows aps that don't usually show up in  program manager.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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89 (edited by Orko 2017-11-08 12:58:38)

Maybe it's friendly to NVDA but not very friendly to JAWS. I'm not switching screen readers just so I can run one program that I've already pretty much replaced with alternatives.

Either Piriform makes CCleaner accessible to everyone, or I'll just keep passing it by. And so far, like Valve and Steam, they just don't seem all that interested.

Oh, and problems with Firefox 57 isn't restricted to JAWS, the changes that are coming will affect all screen readers. The podcast I heard this on said that until the screen reader developers can get a handle on the changes to Firefox, they were recommending Chrome.

Since I use Internet Explorer, the problem doesn't affect me, but since I use JAWS, I wanted to see what was being said.

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Hmmm, I have used C cleaner with both supernova and Jaws, both of which it was fine with which is why I assume  interface is fairly standard.

As I said previously I wonder if it is something in the way your Jaws is set since I'm fairly sure Jaws should! work with C cleaner, heck it's mentioned on whitestick.co.uk on the list of useful accessible programs to download, perhaps someone with more knowledge of Jaws could clarify?

As to browsers, I was put off firefox by the bookmarks interface and the complexity in backups, not to mention system slowdown and the hole thing being something of a hog.
I do want to try chrome as a backup for Ie at some point though, just to have an alternative when something is wonky with ie.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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How old is your information about CCleaner? From what I understand from the jaws-users email group, earlier versions of CCleaner were a lot more accessible than later versions. Just like Malware Bytes. I last attempted to use CCleaner about six months to a year ago.

Not that it matters a whole lot, knowing what I know now about registry cleaning, I wouldn't use CCleaner's registry cleaning functions anyway.

In fact, probably the only thing I'd use in it now is the cookie manager, and there has to be something comparible to what CCleaner has out there somewhere. I just have to spend some time looking for it.

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If you reassign the buttons to checkboxes for CCleaner in JAWS, they'll behave correctly. Of course this means that the normal buttons will also show as checkboxes, but you can undo it once you have things set to how you want. Not the most  efficient solution, but it works.

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I just decided to look up whether registry cleaners are a wise thing or not, though I already am reluctant to use them based on having screwed my system up a couple of times by just deleting everything they flag up. Anyway, I found the following article: https://www.howtogeek.com/171633/why-us … -crashes/. It dismisses them as nothing but a con, but then goes on to provide a link to another of their own articles that explains what really causes computers to slow down over time, in which it recommends c cleaner and states that one of the reasons for a slow computer is that registries can get cluttered with entries left behind by uninstalled programs, heheh.

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The registry is just a database of settings. Once the program that used them is gone, any entries left behind has no real effect on the system because all they do is take up a little space.

The real reason computers slow down or become unstable is because their owners don't know or care how to maintain them properly.

When I uninstall a program, I use regedit to manually remove anything left behind that I know is safe to remove.

Every Saturday I run the disk clean up program that comes with Windows, then I do a full virus scan, then I backup the system. A couple hours spent doing some system maintenance, and most of that waiting for processes to finish, keeps my system running as smoothly as the day I first installed this copy of Windows on it, without having to resort to using questionable practices like using automatic registry cleaners and other such scams.

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A lot of issues CCleaner found in the registry were missing file extensions, bad installer information, stuff like that. I've never had an issue removing that sort of thing from the registry, and even if I did, I always make a backup first. I don't use that bit of CCleaner a whole lot, but I do use it to clean out temporary files and such.

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agreed with orco
but back to jaws again. anyone knows if it's possible to get more than 2 upgrades on the sma? as i said earlyer i'm really anoyed by the fact that jaws can't sync all it's releases in difrent languages to come out at the same date.

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As far as SMAs go, no. Two upgrades is all FS gives you per SMA. I know you can buy more than one SMA and have four or more available upgrades in your license.

From what I understand, FS doesn't do all the translations themselves, some of the translations are done by the local representative and some of them are quite slow in getting the translations done.

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Anybody know what the latest jaws version that will run on win7 is? Thinking of upgrading if I can for free.

I am the blind jedi, I use the force to see. I am the only blind jedi.

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the latest version 2018 will run on win 7. that's what I'm using now.

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Or, if  you want, 16 or 17 works with Windows 7 as well.

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