2017-11-12 21:17:59

The new update is available now.
Here is the changelog:

Build 47
• You can now easily export a world in a ZIP archive, choosing what you want to export (File -> Export this world). You can share this file and others can import it through File -> Import a world (#86).
• CocoMUD better handles the clipboard and pasting, particularly under Linux (#106). It also provides a checkbox to disable auto send when pasting text (#91).
• CocoMUD now supports and displays both wav and OGG files for playing sounds (#112).
• Rich-text was disabled by default to offer a better user experience with fewer bugs (#114).
• Several bug fixes and improvements under Linux (#105, #106).
• CocoMUD now opens and correctly closes preferences when the user language isn't supported (#108).
• Importing a world from the website doesn't generate encoding errors anymore (#117).
• CocoMUD now displays text using a more appropriate font, thank you again, sighted contributors.
• Note: for compatibility reasons, file encoding was updated. CocoMUD should support older versions of configuration files and convert them at startup, but there might be issues with some heavily modified configuration with special characters.

You can download it on
https://cocomud.plan.io/projects/cocomu … i/Download

If someone is having problems with finding the wright version, i can upload it and provide a dropboxlink.

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2017-11-23 12:05:50

Will this work with the Mac? That's really where an accessible MUD client is needed.

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