2017-10-15 14:29:25

This is a copy of the letter I'm distributing now. For this reason, everything is written in this abstract. About audio games, etc.
My name is Constantine. For English speakers, I use the name John.
I'm from Ukraine, but I want to move to the United States of America.
I am blind.
I'm studying programming. My favorite languages are Java and Python. Partially C#.
I really need money to move to the US and get an education.
I thought for a long time how I could earn money. And I came up with a way to earn not only for myself, but for everyone!
The fact is that the niche of audio games is now free. This is an audio game for the blind.
There are audio games for the blind, shooters, races, etc., but there are very few of them.
There are few rich blind people, but there are more than ten million blind in the whole world. If we create a free product, support the development, develop a product, next make this product pay or create a new paid product, when we have trust, then we can get a good profit.
I'm interested in the field of game development. But I have very little knowledge to work alone. For this reason, I propose to unite!
What products do I plan:
Audio 3D games, like Call Of Duty, Mafia, Grand Theft Auto.
Online games.
Whom I seek:
C++/Java programmers who want to help me and create our development team. Maybe in the future we will create our organization.
I want to develop games in C++ and Java. I think with Java, we will get more results. But if we find good C++ programmers, then we can think of C++.
Main tasks:
Working with 3D sound;
Development of management;
Perhaps the development of the engine;
Create a map.
My main task is the development of the plot, the organization of the work of programmers and assistance in the development.
Who wants, write me!
Thanks to all!

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