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Hay all.
I've just been in contack with Dark regarding if he'd do a few lines for my adventure at C stage Remnant.
While he'd love to, his recording stuff is currently sitting at the bottom of some box in his living room; seeing as he's just moved into a new house.
Before I go any farther, here's the link to the Remnant forum topic.
While I'm not in a big hurry to get these lines recorded, Dark told me their might be other people who might be willing to do what I need, so I'm posting here to see if I get a bite.
Regarding what I need...
It's not much, actually.
I've just finished the final intro for the stage, but it requires a few voiced lines identifying the vg storme logo, as well as the title and my user name as credit for doing the stage.
Aside from this, I also need the ending credits read by someone so I can play them once the game gets completed by a player.
It's not much text, and their are no plot spoilers, so I'll post the lines here, just in case I somehow get multiple people who want to take a shot at them.

As for the intro, the lines are...

V G Storme dot com, sort of presents...
Remnant, an Adventure At C campaign, by Three Black Noises.

As for the credits, a transcript of what needs to be said appears below.

Thanks for playing Remnant, and adventure at C campaign written by Three Black Noises.
Original Adventure at c programming by Aaron Baker.
Stage programming by Three Black Noises.
Thanks to the voice tallents of
Aaron Baker as Main Character, and, pretty much everything else.
Three Black Noises as Remnant
Espeak as Helpfull Program
and Oriol Gómez as Challenge anouncer.
Other synthosized voices provided by Robosoft, Realspeak Jennifer, franklin Language Master and whatever SAPI voice you're using.
Original music composed by Quinten Pendle, as well as Trevor Lentz, Michael Klier, Zefz and Ellary of opengameart.org.
Fan remixes composed by Protricity and Sir_NutS of ocremix, as well as CarboHydroM, Metroid Metal and Zelda Reorchestrated.
The Darkness Below, Disturbed Soundscape and Dystopic Technology were composed by Eric Matyas of www.soundimage.org
I fight Ganon (Live) was based on the legend of Zelda theme, originally Composed by Koji Kondo, and was Arranged and performed by I fight Dragons.
"Ranz des Vaches" was used courtesy of incompetech.com.
Videogame sound effects provided by HelpTheWretched's zelda sounds site, the mushroom kingdom dot net and DKCplayer of the DKCAtless forum.
All others provided by Three Black Noises.
Sound design for Adventure at C by Aaron baker.
Aditional sounds taken from the recordest fre sound archive and the sonis GDC sound bundle.
For a complete list of all composers, sound designers and voice acters associated with the video games feetured in Remnant, please see the included readme file.
Once again, thanks for playing Remnant.
This is (your name or alias or audiogames.net handle here)

You can use whatever name you wish to identify yourself in the credits.
If someone voices the opening splash screen and they don't end up doing the credits as well; or I don't choose them for some reason; credit will need to be given to them in the voice acter section of the credits.
If that can't be done, they will of course be given text-based credit in the readme file.
These few lines are all I need to complete Remnant.
This final update will include a small new level edition, along with a few bug fixes and level improvements suggested to me by a few players sence the last release of Remnant.
It won't; however; include any more lines done by Aaron Baker.
As for the audio quality of the lines, it needs to be decent enough to be understood without lots of background noise such as hissing and the like.
Just give me either a tinnyupload, google drive, one drive, dropbox, mega , or any file sharing link you wish to give me.
The files can either be in wav, mp3, or ogg.
I can probably decode anything else to, but I know for a fact I can decode those.
Please post your attempts here and I'll notify the person or people who get selected.
And dark, you're still welcome to post yours here to; once you get unpacked, of course.

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[wow], are you still working on that? Thought that was pretty much done when chapter 3 came out.

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It is; pretty much done, and has been sence that time.
I did; however, want to include a reference to a game franchise that took me a while to nail down, so I have to do an update for that.
I also got some feedback on the super Liam reference by someone on this forum, so I added that in as well.
I also wanted to do a proper intro, so I have to do an update to add that in to.
and while I was at it, I decided, "What the heck. May as well add in the credits and call it done." So, yeah.
Remnant was done, but I need to polish it up some, so it at least seems like a finished product, despite the fact that I will never be able to get the voice acting for chapter 3 done.
I thought about replacing all of it; as I still have all of the source
files to make that happen, but I'd still be left with the Aaron Baker voice clips built into Adventure at C for getting hit and the like.
And to do that, I'd have to find someone who'd be willing to revoice almost everything.
Aaron did make a way to change out his voice clips in AAC, but he never finished it, and out of respect for his work on AAC and his controbutions to Remnant, I figured I might as well leave it as is.

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