Hi all,
can someone tell me what I have to do in this Level? I don't know why but after the Level starts, as soon as I reach the coordinate 50 there's like an error Sound and then I die immediately.

Thanks for helping.


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hi, you seam to be creating a lot of these topics regarding certain stages in the game lately. It would clutter the forum up a lot less if you simply posted in the bd3 topic in the new releases room.

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Agree with connor in that you should ask these questions on the BK3 topic in new releases, but here's your answer anyway. You have a piece of paper with the number 35980 written on it. If you destroy those spark boxes, they turn into dials and you can enter the numbers. The numbers have to be entered in each dial from top to bottom, so 3 would be entered in the dial at platform 400, and 0 would be entered in the dial on the ground. To get to the platforms you drop through that gap at 1, and just fall. you can still use your hook to stop yourself from falling to your death. The discs transport you back to the top. The way I personally do it is to fall all the way down until I'm about 50 tiles from the floor: keep checking your position as you fall. I then fire the hook and hopefully come to rest close enough to the ground so that when I arrow off and fall the rest of the way, I won't die. Then destroy the spark box on the ground, enter the number 0, then hook up to the next platform, destroy the box,  and enter the number 8, and so on, until you've entered all five numbers in reverse order. Then hook back up to the top platform, and you'll no longer die at 50.

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It is also more helpful to have separate topics instead of that gigantic mess that the old topic has become.


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