Does anyone know if this game will be playable? Not finding much on it but from the walkthroughs I've seen so far it looks interesting.

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hi!  problems with navigation , because it's openworld game, but combat systeme is very available. i  deed not try multiplayer of this game yet.

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all the middle earth games are an open-world type. the game combines elements from the assassin's creed series and batman arkham series of games, which means not only the games are really hard to navigate, however in most of the parts you have to do stealth missions.
I've tried shadow of mordor, but until now I'm stuck at chapter 2, where you have to find a slabber. however in the first chapter, the game is completely doable because it's still pretty linear, however from chapter 2 onwards, the game becomes an open-world exploration, which makes it impossible to complete, especially if you are required to do a stealth mission.

let's go, mate. aliens have gone mad, trying to conquer this world. I set up my ship's power to full,
I run around the battlefield,
I use everything to help me defeat those alien ships and finally the mothership itself,
I am the outbackstronaught! all the aliens will be eliminated, restoring piece to the world

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