Just wondering, when are remote guns ready to rock? Since I noticed a changelog entry about remote guns a long, long time ago, I thought they were forgotten or something big_smile

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Post 46, nah man, I was saying, bombs that are not, near a base should go away after a while. :-)
And the fifty tiles thing was just an example.
And yeah, your right, hunger isn't really as much of an actual problem as it is an annoyance, the only time it gets to be one is when you go out grabbing for a long time, or you want to be on a team but you don't use the base much, and food coolers help with that.
It's not that big of a deal, I think it just really bugs people seeing it, just a human mind thing. lol

\Teams breaking when people get kicked off is something that could be helped with an account system, but either way, in my opinion the drawbacks far outweigh the utility. Then again, I've had that lovely situation happen to me too... so.
It just sucks when people keep their stuff with absolutely no risk, honestly it's one of the biggest balance problems right now, if not the biggest.

Oh and, when I said in post 38 that it should be 3 seconds of roundtime for health and shields, I think that was a bit overzealous, 2 would probably be more like it.
It's good to hear that your following the thread so closely Sam, cheers for that.

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Is everyone still allowed to use weapons or place 30 barricade bombs at the store? That is the most annoying and unfair situation that I've ever faced while playing RS. I hope everyone can peacefully enjoy shopping.

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I hate to be this guy, and I haven't made it through everything... but @#25: what exactly about advanced path finding and the like requires machine learning? All of what people speak of so far up to your post is doable with bgt, and requires no machine learning what so ever. Buzz words only sound interesting when they make sense... or when you're talking to someone who will nod and smile.

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lol Ethin is only on the "let's talk about things I don't really know about in such a way it sounds convincing enough so I can feel good about myself" bandwagon.

The only suggestion I have is to reset the ban list. I think that'd make the game more interesting and that's just not for my sake.
A lot of people were banned due to things which have now been solved, and I'm sure there were quite a few unfair bans there as well.
If you get a clear record with these players you'd have more teams and it'd just be a more enjoyable game for everyone.

Other than that one thing that always annoyed me was the lack of a map for strategy. I'd like to see a more swamp-like map with roads and buildings.

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yep, we musst have a more interesting map then this. I meen,if he had managed to make that cool system in survive the wild, Why cant he do a similar thing in redspot? about remguns, I think that they were there then they were removed because of what ever reason, but it will be cool to have them.
And also, can you please lower down the speed in witch you looz health because of hunger? And maybe make it to work both with and without a base. Also, can you make a sound play where ever the players are? It will be quite cool, if you are running to your base and you don't notice someone so that you can still react.
And, yeah, good work there, Sam

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Having base to base bombs would be good so bases can fight among eachother. Please consider the ground vehicle suggestion.

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hi there
a suggestion for rs,
a password system would be good for all
when you signing the game it must be ask your password
like stw does this
this is more secure than current
I know this will take sometime coding right.
so after password,  noone cannot use your name for abuse

Wish You Best Gaming All!

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The game is not designed for working with accounts... You enter the game, kill kill kill, then get out.

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And why should we need to have our names secured? I know for inpersination thing, but if someone is impersonating just report him and admins/developer will react as fast as possible. How ever, I musst agree on the account system, because we can have nicknames, inpersination would be almost inpossible and If you are an addmin you don't need to have the same IP to be detected as an admin, there will be the rank system.

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The update looms closer, more stuff is happening, and you guys keep bringing up epicness. All very cool things to see.
I'm going to take it upon myself to straighten out this account system debate here and now, as it has been a concern brought up again and again and again by players from every aspect of the game. A true account system, that is, player data saved on the server at logout and secured with a password, will never, ever, ever happen. When you die, you die. Everything you own, your entire existence is no longer a known fact, as far as the computer is concerned. Bases are there to save your items if you so choose, but the consequence of death is that your char gets deleted, and that's the end.
That being said, impersonation is a serious problem. In fact, UKA just got its base wiped by someone for the umpteenth time last night. Millions of dollars worth of stuff, gone. Sadly, this is an ordinary event. It's happened so many times, when I woke up and glanced at my phone today, my additude was, oh well, maybe will get compensated for it, but probs not, so let's just keep going. My team is, without a reasonable doubt, the #1 target for cheaters. We all know how it is to lose stuff to idiots. Something has been done about impersonation in this update, I can assure you. It's not an account system, but I am 100% confident this will stop the vast majority of all impersonators. At bare minimum, you won't have to go to sleep wondering if your base's cabinet will be empty when you wake up.

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I like the new update a lot.
There are a couple of things that I'd like to see addressed, though:

  • currently, when pressing right control and using Jaws, the speech does not get silenced. I'm not sure how you're handling this, but the safest bet with jaws would be to speak a null string with interrupt set to true.

  • I hate using item grabber because of its sound. It's way too loud for my taste, and I don't see a reason it should be. If it is to mask the sounds of people coming to get ya, there's no point—I can't do anything about it anyway.

  • It would be cool if there was a key to automatically track the nearest person to you. pressing t and then choosing the first option works, but what you chose a second ago might've been the nearest person back then, but maybe not anymore.

  • I have a feeling that the p key isn't really reliable, as in it doesn't have a very far range. It would be cool if it was altered to have the range of the currently equipped weapon. My point is, I can shoot someone with a rifle who are just far enough so that the p key would say that there's no one near me, when in fact, they are in my fireing range.

  • it would be cool if there was a key that would spin you 180 degrees. Sure you can keep pressing e or q, but something that would turn you 180 degrees would be cool

  • I'm not sure if this bug? has been "fixed" in the latest update, but the camera does not seem to work bassed on the way you're facing. If I face north, the camera works as expected — forward checks forward, backward checks backward, etc. but if I turn any other way, the camera is still stuck in the north-facing mode.

All in all this is a great update, and I'm keeping an eye on future updates. Great job.

Kind regards,
Nikola Stojsic (NS studios)

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hi ns, the item grabber sound is supposed to be this loud. It warns you in the readme, and if you want to turn the game down while `you're grabbing, simply press end.

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I always use my deer end key to silent things down, but I think that he will never change the volume of the grabbing sound.
guise for some reason I cant connect, it just says logging in, then when I press esc it starts saying the game events, like, x just came online, x says, etc. Anyone have the similar problem?

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@post 64 I also have this problem, I just thought it's my stupid hotspot going crazy once again, for I don't have a router now so I am Limited to my slow and unstable hotspot connection. It only gives lag when connecting to certain games and when starting my web browser, but after that connect process, everything is good to go.

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ok, I was running an older version of redspot, but now I cant extract it. [wow]

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ahem, i still not abel to download the game, lol.
i cant access to sam's website

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The zip file itself is corrupt.

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what do you get when you try to access Sam's website. I can access it here quite ok.

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Suggestion. An ignoring system. Would really be nice to mute players. Also the readme still has things that shouldn't be there, like the /where command, as well as a few other things.

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Suggestion: Turn off speech interrupt for chats. I don't know why you have that set up.  It's extremely annoying especially when chat is very active to scroll back and forth then to do it again when a new message comes in because your first message was interrupted.

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I've been playing redspot for a couple of days and I love it! But ever since last night I can't get into the game. Was I banned or is the server down? My name on there is Cody.

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forgive me for sounding blunt, but sam, I really don't like how you've coded buildings so far. Maybe this was on purpose for bases and such, but I don't like how you have to walk to building's coords and hit shift enter. I think buildings should be part of the map like other games like swamp or even call of duty. It makes hiding more fun and also a bit more realistic. Also snipers should be much more improved and have a scope. Buildings should be shootable. If somebody hides in a house and you ditect them on a sniper, it should be possible to shoot out a window to hit them.
Since I did not fully explain buildings, I will do that now. What I mean by them being part of the main map is that you have to go around buildings or through buildings to get some places like in swamp. This would be a lot of work, but it would really be quite a bit more enjoyable to the players I think.

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First of all, since Sam has been surprisingly quiet about this massive update, not even bothering to post on here, spread the word about it. Tell your friends that stopped playing redspot before because of the imbalance. I bet you guys see what I meant now about your suggestions already being in tongue.
A couple things.
@62: Making the p key dependent on range was already suggested by a beta member a long time ago. Not only is this insanely unrealistic (Using a shotgun doesn't cause you to only see 15 feet) it also blatantly gives away weapon ranges, something that Sam wanted to avoid, thus why specific weapon stats aren't listed in the readme. He wanted you guys to have to play with the many weapons as you find them and figure out what's cool about them and what isn't. You should be able to silence any screen reader by pressing alt. And yes, the camera is fixed. It's right there in the changelog. Have you even played the update?
@70: I believe there is a /mute command to mute a person's pm's, but if there is that's all we have for now. I'll bring it up.
@71: It's a bug. Believe me, no one would ever intend to do something that irritating. It'll be fixed in the next client update.
@72: the ban list was cleared except for a few extreme offenders, and your name doesn't leap out as being one of them. The server has unfortunately been having many lag issues since the update, any of which could have caused your connection to go unnoticed by it. Sam's trying his absolute best to tackle them as they appear, and he's been doing a bang up job, but they're still all not entirely gone. I will say it's at least 10 times better than it was 12 hours ago, so if you tried before then I'm not surprised you weren't able to connect.
@73: Can I ask what imaginary game you were playing? I saw you on redspot, but you must have been playing another one in your head. As far as I have ever been made aware, there are no proper buildings in redspot, at least not yet, and when there will be, I highly doubt they will be set up like that. Sam was tossing around the possibility of them being destructables, and they can't easily be destroyed if they're like stw buildings. I agree, shift enter would be a dumb way to make redspot buildings because you wouldn't be able to use them tactically at all. Unfortunately, we don't have precision aiming yet, so sniping out of windows would be tricky if not impossible, but you can still throw a pipe bomb out a window :d.
Finally, to the people having problems unzipping the file, you have joined an alarmingly large subset of players with this issue. Several beta members and UKA players reported having the same problem, however they must have gotten it fixed because if they didn't we'd still be hearing about it. I'm not sure what to say other than try downloading it and unzipping it again on the off chance that it downloaded it incorrectly.

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When was the ban list cleared?

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