Hi! I do not play often, but I like the game, so, here are my thoughts!
1 I agree about the open map thing. Me too, I'd like to see more buildings, and, if possible, a system to track where you're going, because the map is huge, and i feel lost using just the coordinates. I mean, it's a fps where you have to move quickly, not survive the wild.
2 I'd like a way to know how far I'm from a tower and, when I'm up on it, how far is the edge. Using the camera is not so great, when someone is shooting at you Xd
3 And finally, something that lots of people will not like: I'd like a reset of all the characters after a set period of time. No more people running around all day and collecting health and such vs people who play after work a few ours and get destroyed over and over. And I'm not say this to defend myself, I know I'm not the best player out there and I don't care. But, as someone said, matches in games like COD are very short, and then everyone has to restart, and the next match is as fair as the previous one, because everyone is, more or less, at the same level.
That said, I can't wait to see the update!

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It is possible to get robots to do what players want them to do, however it's just not worth it as alec previously stated. While in another language with pre coded libraries it would be no doubt easier, it is still very much possible in BGT. Just saying that so people don't get the wrong idea here. On other notes, I'm glad to see all of the feedback. It makes me smile every time I see a suggestion that has been implemented already before this topic was posted. smile just a couple days guys.

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one thing that redspot really needs is some way, maybe not an easy or common way, but a way nonetheless, to avoid stuns. As it is right now, someone can simply place a shit ton of cameras everywhere and use them to stun someone. Once this person has been zapped about five-10 times, there's no hope of them ever becoming unstunned regardless of how much hp or shields they have, or even how good of a player they are. At the very, very least, limit the functionality of cameras to stun you, so they can only give you one -3 zaps before they have to recharge.

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29 (edited by burak 2017-10-04 17:02:05)

The introduction of proper real ground vehicles to the game would be very good. Vehicles you can control the speed by holding down the up arrow and releasing it, breaking etc and to smash people with.  Maybe they can have light guns too.
I think the precautions you got for horders are good. keep the work up.

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30 (edited by blindndangerous 2017-10-04 17:33:28)

One thing I've also yet to see people mention is a constant auto track sound. I get tired of tapping W to track. I'd rather focus on running and getting ready then to tap W constantly, then reach up tap the weapon, or find what I want in my inventory, then continue tapping W to get a new location that only lasts for half a second before it's needed again. You've already got this in Survive the wild I believe.  Since I like to be a bit more sneaky when I play, I'd rather not have to get close to some one, then ready my gun, or double check I've got the right one selected before starting the fight.  This would help with that, as when you get close to a player, they can hear the sounds you make, making them start to either run or fire wildly.

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Actually BND has a great point.  pressing w 300 times to get lined up is kinda annoying.

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It seems like there's a lot of different players with different needs (yes, I know, that's a nobrainer). For example, one concern I do have is that some people might not care about grabbing items for a few minutes, only to have them immediately be shot down when they become vulnerable. They'd rather just go straight to hunting people who are in a similar situation (that is to say, not very powerful yet).
So how about eventually changing the game to have different modes, and the server rotates between those, perhaps the mode would change like, once every week or something. You could even retain the old mode where bases can have basically unlimited health, and you'd be protected for a few minutes when just tstarting out. But then the week after that, you could instead have a mode where the maximum health/shields of both players and bases is severely limited, or no bases at all. You wouldn't be protected. This mode would bring joy to the players who prefer being able to more or less compete on equal footing with players who have been logged in for a while.
And then you could have other variations too. I think this would ultimately make the most people happy. Sure, if they didn't like the mode that was currently being played, they might not play for a bit. But they'll also know that next week would be their chance to shine. I think ultimately a larger, more varied playerbase is better than the same smaller group of people playing day in and day out, though I realize there are others that might not share this opinion.
Just my two cents.

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Yah, we need a constant sound for a tracked player, sometimes I just run and by pass them, I don't notice  them But they notice me so, I am in a very grate problem. For the guy that said that coding robots follow your commands, it can be managed all right. Just because you don't have time for it doesn't meen that it's inpossible. And I just now got a suggestion. Like on STW, can you add energy to the game? It would be really fun when you kill someone with just walking them around the map. big_smile
And, something witch you may consider is to have, not a shotgun, but maybe some types of shotgun, Can renember all of them by the name but it would be fun, Same For other stuf, I meen, It would be cool if you can have a glock17, a glock19 and a desert eagle, And something like that. I know that it needs loads of sounds But I think that it should be possible. And btw I have got asuggestion for a webben. What about a chainsaw?
ps: is this only a server update or there will also be a client update? thanks in advance

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First of all, I want to say how truly awesome it is to see your guys's suggestions, mostly because a staggering number of them have already been implemented! I'm not exaggerating when I say this update is a serious game changer, and I think you guys are really going to like it. I'll address a few specific concerns.
@28: I believe you have hit the unfortunate barrier of blindness. We sadly do not have the ability to see everything at once, that is, unless you want a constant radar sweeping the area, and I think everyone would find that way more detrimental than helpful. Swamps radar was a decent idea, but it's a bit irritating while trying to fight. You sadly just have to get to know your battleground before you fight so when you're in a desperate situation you know where you're going. I think the camera is the best us blind people are going to get. As for resetting characters, the beta team unanimously disagrees with flat out resetting people. If someone wants to put 5 days of work into their game because they have nothing better to do, why should be take that away from them? The diminishing returns system was added as a compromize to that. If people really, really, really want to, they'll be able to get to 100k hp and 1200 shielded shots, but it'll cost exponentially more money as you get higher. Sure, people can stockpile stuff in their base, but it'll be a lot easier to take down people that can't tank up like they used to.
@26: Something similar to said mainstream games is already been conceptualized. You won't see it in this update, but it will definitely be happening in a future server boot as the tools to add it have already been given to the client. All I'm saying tongue.
@24: That's why grabbers were nerfed. You will no longer be able to sit on towers and grab. After 5 or 6 grabbers are used, you will have vacuumed up every item within the radius, and you'll be wasting grabbers from then on out unless you change positions.
@21: Again, diminishing returns, and future update tongue. Safe zones would have been a fair suggestion if people hadn't been the immature children post 26 so aptly described them as. Afk was limited so much because people abused it to the fullest extent possible. The only limit used to be that you had to wait five seconds to go afk. People would just run away, afk, then laugh on chat and call themselves gods. So then you couldn't chat. Still people did it. Then you couldn't track or come back for three minutes. Still they persisted to run and afk from fights. Now you have to wait 30 seconds after you get hit or enter a base to afk, and I think people finally, finally started to get the message that using afk as a fleeing tool is simply not ok. I completely agree with you that it's incredibly irritating to not be able to do anything while afk anymore, but sadly, the player base as a whole suffers from the actions of the idiots. A safe zone would resurrect that problem to full health.
@19: I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "locked stats", but yet again I refer you to my response to post 28. Diminishing returns is the fairest way we could think of to not limit people and limit people at the same time.
Finally, to the jaws users, one of our former beta members swears by jaws and always played redspot with it. I can assure you it works 100% fine.
As Sam said, it really isn't long now! The release date is set in stone, and this bitch will come out with a tremendous boom, I can assure you.

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Well, you can add, for my friend, a sticky laser hahaha!
It can or help you to reach the player when the laser sticks to them and it pulls you at the player, or when some kind of bulet will shoot will stick to a player and will take health or something.
But the sticky laser idea is just fun.

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Alec, what I mean by this is really just for speed and such. I may have went into too much detail without really thinking, but I mean that you can't upgrade your speed and such. In hindsight... I have terrible ideas.

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Something else I've forgotten about. Let us turn off the death messages. You've already got chat and online and offline messages, so why not death? Although, when you turn them off, it does not disable the sounds. Also, make the death messages not so ridiculously childish sounding. I'd rather just hear so and so has died/fallen/whatever, then these long sentences that are just silly.

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38 (edited by defender 2017-10-06 04:14:40)

I really appreciate you doing this Sam, asking the community at large, it's a good call.
I also think that some of these changes are pretty clever, for instance the base one, so props for really thinking it through.

The only one that I think could potentially be improved is the health one, but if both are tested in Beta and the original idea ends up being better?  then, hey, what ever.
My idea was to give some roundtime to the player when they use HP or shield items, maybe 2 seconds, so that you can avoid the problem of people just spamming them when they get hurt.
This way, you either have to run and hide, which means you have to hope the enemy isn't faster than you and is willing to give up after a while if you use invisibility shields, something which I also really think should have some roundtime by the way, or you have to stand and fight and hope they die first, which, if you have superior skills, is more of a possibility.
This obviously wouldn't make it so that you wouldn't be able to get powerful, just that it would take longer.

I also think we need an actual account system, for a few reasons, including obvious ones like impersonation, but also because, though your newbie idea is a decent one, it would frankly be extremely annoying for the other players to waste ammo on someone like that, but also it would give experienced players a big advantage over other experienced players.
Maybe if you gave an actual new account like, 12 hours of newbie time that pauses when they log off and a newbie tag that they can turn off when they feel they are ready?
If you combine that with a nickname system which is separated from the account name, which shouldn't be visible to other players, than people have no real reason to change accounts.
You could even make it so that you could set your nickname before logging in, or that you could make multiple characters with the same account, but with the exception that if the name is already taken, than you can't use it.
We still run into the problem of newbies being able to take items that other people could use, which is more of an issue now that item grabbers have a radius effect, plus, many items are offensive in nature anyway, so how will they learn those?

Another idea would just be to limit the players that a newbie can interact with, by not allowing them to attack or be hit by people with over say, 3000 hp and 40 shields, so that they can actually practice dodging, aiming etc.

I also think that their should be an easily accessible list of admins, with contact info if they wish to give it, as well as a way to report things for all the admins to see when they log in, which is another thing that an account system could help with. You could restrict admin accounts to one nickname only, so that way it would not only be more difficult to impersonate them, but it would also not be tied to their IP so that if they logged in from another computer, they could still be recognized as an admin.

If they want to play as an admin, fine, what ever, otherwise they can just have an additional standard account, same could go for beta members in the future.

I wish that suicide bombs would work the way that I suggested, where the damage of the bomb is equal to, or at least based on, the health of the player using it, killing them in the process but also doing a massive amount of damage to the enemy, which could be a useful sacrifice, especially in an all out base attack or last ditch base defense situation.
That way they are actually, you know, suicide bombs. :-) It could be used very strategically, or as a last ditch effort, with actual advantages and disadvantages to consider, instead of being essentially just another mass bomb, but one that you can't put somewhere.

I would also suggest limiting projectiles in the same way as you've limited robots; it's not an ideal solution of course, but it's better than removing them or just putting up with it in my opinion.

You may also wish to limit the amount of bullet bombs, satellite bombs, etc, that a single person can have placed on the map at the same time, As when a ton are fired at once, it can lag the server to a standstill for a couple minutes straight.

I don't know if this is on the agenda already but, it would be really nice if you didn't start getting hungry when entering a new base unless you've inhabited it for a certain amount of time in total, say, 10 minutes or something?
This would still let you order shipments and store them, but you'd have to leave in between
The reason I say in total is because allot of people just use their base for storage anyway, so if that's what you did with another player's base in secret, than you wouldn't be spending much time in their just standing around.
I don't know if that's possible to keep track of on a player to player basis though, maybe through the base it's self?

This idea is a bit controversial, but here goes.
I was thinking that it doesn't make allot of sense for new players to have weapons like the grenade launcher, rocket launcher, potentially the shotgun, and sniper rifle.
It's nice that you have so many choices, but people only end up using one weapon most of the time that way anyway, and when it takes so little to half way accidentally kill someone with not much effort, it makes it so that their isn't allot of incentive for learning how to actually fight properly.
So if this newbie system gets implemented, than maybe you can just restrict those weapons to people without the newbie tag, otherwise, you could just require those weapons to be bought at a base or store.

Speaking of stores, you may wish to make them safe zones, at least on the inside, so that people can't fire weapons or place bombs in their.
Sure it's fun, but honestly, if you get passed everyone on the outside, than I don't think it's very fare to be constantly interrupted while your just trying to choose what to buy. :-D
It doesn't stop people from guarding the outside of the store, or destroying it, though, you may wish to disallow the placing of new barricade bombs within a certain distance of it at least, since that seems a bit cheap and low effort.

That reminds me, barricade bombs, I think it would be nice if those that aren't within say, 50 tiles of a base, could be removed every like, 3 to 6 hours or something. That way the map doesn't get super cluttered and hard to get through, especially after bases go boom and their defenses are still their, but you can still block off a location like the tunnel entrances for a decent amount of time.

Oh yeah, another thing, maybe you should add a beacon system for the main map locations, it gets annoying telling people the map's layout again and again, especially when allot of people don't really get the coordinate thing.
Just stuff like the first and second tunnel entrances, the towers, and maybe the bridge.

That's all I got for now, but, I again really appreciate what your doing by asking for feedback from the community at large.

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I don't really like how when tracking someone it says slightly behind and a fare bit off to the right. I think it should say like 3 right 10 behind or something rather than vegly telling you the direction.

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I like the hunger idea from Defender. That's why I don't team, as as soon as you get on a team, and that team has a base set up, you instantly get hungry. What if I want to be on a team but never use the base? I'd rather play alone and have no one helping me than have a team and die because of starvation when I get on a team that is significantly more powerful than me and have to keep running back to the base to get food because I get hungry every 30 seconds.

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Something else that I don't think anyone has touched on is people and afk. Instead of keeping people alive, I'd rather have them kicked off after say an hour or 2 of not doing anything. As it stands right now, most of the playerbase is just afk and they do nothing. Now, maybe this would be fixed in the new update, but that's another suggestion I have. If a player is afk for more than an hour or 2, kick them off the game. I think that time is plenty long enough.

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What Blind Dangerous said in post 31 is really something that needs to be added: a ping would be so nice. Also, I really think we need a way to manage our inventories better.

Another feature that I can't stand about the game is the addition of food. This is an FPS, and elements like food just make absolutely no sense. I'm sure you would see many more serious looking bases if they didn't make you hungry. My two friends and I never use bases precisely because our health is drained. I mean, we have food, why not water and energy? I hope you detected that sarcasm, because that is a horrible idea, haha. Food should stay in STW, and PVP should stay in RS.

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Personally, I have found myself almost overly addicted to this game for the simple fact that I've been able to put a team together and actually keep it fairly cohesive. The only people who seem to want to bother with my team and its base are those people who like to cheat, be it by going linkdead/afk while fighting, or those who seem to be using what I consider to be speedhacks, e.g., firing 2 rockets at the same time or seeming to teleport from one side of the map to the other, all with loads of health (over 100k) and shields (often times over 5k). This over healthing and shielding business is really offputting when you're not overpowered yourself. I know this has been suggested a lot though so I'm going to leave that one hhere.

One thing I do wish that would be taken out altogether are robots, as they lag the server tremendously and give those who use them an unfair advantage simply because the lag gets so bad that nobody can shoot the bots properly. All the launcher has to do is sit there and wait for the lag to cause enough people to get wiped off the map from bots that technically don't cause that much harm, or simply wait till people shoot them down so they can just launch more and cause more lag. I am no techy so I can't tell you what's going wrong and have no idea how to reduce it other than to simply remove them. The projectiles don't seem to have so much of an effect.

Next up (and please keep in mind these are in no particular order), I am concerned just how easy it is for somebody to grab another person's character and do what they want with it. Recently I had one of my team members who was AFK at the time go linkdead due to his internet connection, and somebody else was able to simply log in using his name, therefore restoring his link. Because that particular character  was inside of the base at the time he went linkdead, the fake guy was able to use that character to simply take loads of stuff from the base and cause all kinds of havoc. I really hope to see something of an account system, where we are at least required to enter a password before we can play using that name. yet at the same time (though I don't do this myself very often), I'd like the ability to be able to change my name sometimes, as well, if need be.

One thing I find kind of annoying about projectiles is that they go right through the mountain rather than making their way into the tunnel system like robots seem to do. Although that's not a huge deal, it does seem a little bit hackish to be able to have somebody right above you, registering as only a few feet away when really they're quite far off because of the height, and then have somebody pummel you with projectiles as easy as cake, without said projectiles actually having to travel a distance to get to where you are.

Lastly, since this is a feedback thread, I'd like to ask for a couple of things to be added if they haven't already.

First and foremost, I'd like to see base computer's log a history of who orders what, as well as a brief summary of all the items in storage. It's a little bit obnoxious to have to go through every item to see how many of something you've got. Not to mention, it'd be kind of nice to see a total item count of your current storage. Additionally, it would be neat to somehow have a running log of who took what and if it was replaced. Oh, and can we please, please, please make ordering items easier? Having to press right arrow a bazillion times hurts my brain!

Next, I would like to see the ability to have more favorited items. I'm sorry but 4 just isn't enough. Not to mention, it'd be neat to be able to switch inventory categories between buffs, weapons, and fortification items.

Now, a thing or two about barricade bombs. First, it kind of sucks because at the moment you need to use a crap ton of bombs to properly fortify a base, but a lot of bombs makes things laggy when you're in the field. Still, I like them. I would like to see different ways to blow them up though, besides concussives, and I would also like to be able to find out who's barricade bomb I was standing by without having to blow it up. Maybe a little scanner that counts as an item or switchable weapon so you hit a key and it tells you who placed the bomb?

Someone mentioned a constant tracking sound. Earlier in the week there was a conversation about paintballing, and a thought occurred to me. You know how if somebody tries to rob a bank, there are these devices that will go off and spray the robbers with bright paint so they can be spotted? Well what if we had something like that? What if we were to have an item, or even a paintball gun with paintballs in it, then when you hit somebody with it, it would provide you with a constant tracking sound for a certain amount of time before you have to use another one. Hitting W is just a tad difficult when your opponent moves by the time you actually can register where they are.

Next,I'd love the ability to sell things for bitcoins. I know there's a way to do this by asking players to conduct business and things, but I'd love a system where we can use the base computer to sell things, either to other bases or other players directly, or even simply to the black market.

In closing, I'd like to thank you for reading this long post, as well as for the work put into the game so far. I enjoy it quite a lot at present and hope to see how things continue to progress.

Take care,

AKA Spectra.

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Someone mensioned the death messages which popped up an idea in my head.
Could you please, please enable that you can deactivate certain messages? I don't always need a notifier about who went AFK, who came online or went offline, who died, who used an item grabber and what not.
If you could put in a filter which enables or disables the messages that would be cool. Maybe by chat commands, go into the chat and type commands with a slash before them like
I think you get my point.
Greetings Moritz.

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45 (edited by defender 2017-10-05 06:57:21)

Yeah, I forgot to mention the AFK thing that post 43 touched on, I knew I was forgetting something important.

Also, post 45 has a few pretty interesting ideas...
Though I would like to point out that fireballs do essentially what your talking about, marking the player with constant sound, and, that within like 40 tiles, it's pretty easy to hear that little bleep when you hit W, even with the speech talking over it, though, I know that the hole point was not having to constantly press it.

I kind of agree with post 44 about the food thing honestly, I know that the reason hunger exists is to make it so you can't just hide in your base all day with claymores and crap, but really, bases under attack stick out, allot, and strong players can smash your defenses to bits if you don't constantly replace them anyway. Plus, you have to stay alert unless you have reliable team members to take shifts with.
I just don't really see the point any more, if you want to stay in your base all day than I have no real problem with that, especially with the diminishing returns, it's not going to be an impenetrable fortress any more.
Hunger is just so much of a pain in the ass that it makes you not want to join a team, raid a base, or build one up most of the time, it's just a constant worry and it feels like a punishment.

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hello everyone, hunger at least to me really isn't as much of a problem as everyone makes it out to be. Yes, you do get it if you build a base regardless if you are in a team or not, and yes, it does make you lose health after a while. But from what I know it takes at least 10 minutes for effects of hunger to even start happening, and even then you lose only one health every 15 seconds. Food is one of the most common items in the game, and I've never had troubles finding it especially when grabbing, you get a lot of food when doing that. Besides, if you have a base, you've probably been collecting and grabbing, staying alive for a while. This means you probably have at least some health and a few bitcoins which thus allows you to buy lots of food packs and grabbers to get more money with. This means once you've ordered your innicial food shipment, you can basically just grab, and eat food every once in a while. This, of course, only works in this version. When the update comes out, I can assure you that things will change a lot. About the barricade bombs, I'm not a fan of making bombs that are near a base disappear because that's one of the main reasons these bombs were added, to stop people or at least make it harder for people to raid bases. Barricades are easily gotten rid of anyway if you have concussive grenades and a parachute, and if the team isn't alert enough to fix the breakages and deal with the thret. Do you know what it will mean if every bomb within 50 tiles of a base always got removed? It would mean that people wouldn't even have to try to be able to access it, they could simply bike past the outer ring of bombs and be safe, so  they could throw whatever they wanted at the base without any difficulty. About kicking people off the game after a certain time, the problem here is that many people who simply idle in the game do this to keep their teams alive. If every single person from one team logs off, the team is automatically disbanded. This means once a member of that team logs back in, they will not have any access to their base, until the person who placed defenses around it logs on as well so they can team up again. Kicking people off the game if they were afk for too long would simply make teaming a pain.

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hello julian, I'm not a moderator, but please bring any and all discussion relating to your ban off public forums and try talking about it with sam or one of the admins privately.

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Dude, I'm not ignoring your ban request. I have read every single post in this topic. But posting an unban request is not why this tpoic exists. Please chat me privatly about it. @everyone else, thanks for the continued feedback.

I am a web designer, and a game developer. If you wish see me at http://www.samtupy.com

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49 (edited by Juliantheaudiogamer 2017-10-05 19:23:24)

Alright, have deleted all the Posts where I am talking about my unban request.
Sam, I will send you a PM, probabbly not today.

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@post 20, regarding safe zones, you can basically use a base as a safe zone if you wanted to, except not. Lol.

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