Hello Admins,

There is currently a bit of concern regarding The Killer. Rumers are floating around that suggest TK uses stolen code from Sam Tupy. At this point, what do the admins intend to do here? Thanks.

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I don't think there's anything they can or will do as they have no way to determine if the accusation is valid or not.

At most, they might choose to just close the thread.

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what I have said, there is nothing to proov that TK is steeling source code from redspot, and anyway Ivan has the right to the source code. There is nothing that they can do accept unferr play and ban for as it seems absolutely no reason.
But, if there wasn't that contract, the killer would be gon before now.
How ever we don't know what are admins/mods doing behind closed doors, but I think that Sam is only one is having the finger on the trigger, not admins. Same was with Mason, if he didn't say for him self that Beyond the bullit was an ultrapower clone, btb would still exist.
So, Ivan is basicly in the Sam's hands, and when Sam decides that he won't stand it no longer, he will just pool the trigger and the killer would be gon with the flash, like Beyond the bullit was, and most likely would only be renembered as a very bad happening in this peaceful site.
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hi to post 1
if you want my true opinion on the tk or whatever is the shit it is.
These admins cannot do for this criminal ivan.
he is a bully and shameless person.
only we can do that to him if we want.
because after the unnecessary drama they banned this blinkwizard for six months. 
so no expectation from this admins and mods
so if you want to repair this ivan
advertise him as a criminal in the internet.

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