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Hi all,
Many people record and upload their gameplays and reviews of audio games. So I thought I'd make a topic for my own. I started this back in 2012, but that thread was almost exclusive discussion on which file host to use rather than about recordings, so I've rebooted the thread now that hosting isn't as much an issue. By all means, hit me up with your questions, comments and criticisms. I'll be checking this thread regularly, but you can also PM or E-mail me, or contact through Anyaudio as well. Anything constructive whether good or bad is greatly appreciated and valued!

In these recordings, I sort of review the game and play it all in one, so people who know the game can hear my take on it, and people who don't know much about it can learn the essentials. I will always be editing  this post to reflect additional content, or other important stuff. Info on those changes is at the bottom of this post.
Links to the recordings are below in mp3 format. Flac versions are available for any of these upon request if you're a perfectionist or an audiophile smile. I primarily upload to Google Drive, but am starting to upload to Anyaudio as well, so for some recordings, two links will be provided. With the Google Drive links, simply click on them and tab to the play or download button. For Anyaudio, the recording will play automatically but you can download if you want. Links are arranged in chronological order of recording. I may end up changing this, like organizing it by company, but it's just easier to do it this way for now, since there are only a few recordings at present. So, enough small talk, let's go!

I'm also taking suggestions on games, and maybe the occasional program unrelated to gaming. I am open to the idea of doing complete walkthroughs, but those take time and energy.
The types of games I am more likely to record and review are  one-player offline games. I'm more into arcade, action, adventure, and light puzzle games.
Here's a list of specific games which I probably won't touch for one reason or another.
3d Velocity and Zero site because flight sims are still not my forte.
Sound RTS and other similar strategic games because they confuse the heck out of me
Muds like Alter Eon or games like Miriani. Again, not my types of games.
Text-based games for the same reasons as above
Buggy, unplayable games.
Games which I can't get to work.
Anything online, I will only play if I really like it.
If games require a VM, I'm not opposed to recording those but I won't be doing those kinds of things every day.
Even if you suggest something that's not on the above list, don't be too offended if I reject.
I hope you enjoy these recordings! Please give me feedback so I can make them better! I look forward to doing more.
Here's a sneak peak of games I've been thinking about doing. In no particular order:
Redo some old recordings I posted here because they're meh
Blinded Guide
Mudsplat (already completed, need to edit)
Montezuma's Revenge from alchemy Games (already completed, need to edit)
Echo Here to play (already completed, need to edit)
Treasure Mania
Old Blindsoftware titles (some have been completed, others are in the works)
Adventure at C:
A Blind Legend
Perilous Hearts Concept Demo
Super Deekout
Monkey Business walkthrough
Technoshock Walkthrough
The Gate
GMA Tank Commander (even though it's already been done by Asmodean)
Alien Outback
Playcenter Games (just for fun)
Bop It Ultimate
Handheld games I used to own or by some odd chance may acquire
And more.

Change History:
September 29, 2012: Uploaded Zompocalipse recording. It was originally intended to be my only recording, but I decided to try to do more gameplays. This one may be replaced at some point since I don't like it very much. Lol
March 22, 2013: Uploaded Hunter recording. This one may be replaced at some point since I don't like it very much. Lol
march 28: Uploaded Blindside recording.
December 5: Uploaded Bounty Hunter recording
December 9: Uploaded Extant recording.
September 12, 2017: Haven't forgotten this thread! Uploaded a recording of the Nujam Guitar handheld game, and rebooted the thread. Let's keep this going!

Make more of less, that way you won't make less of more!
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