Hi folks,

I am currently using a S5 with Talkback, but I get weird screen freezes every now and then where the screen is on but I can't interact with anything.  Sometimes the vibrations still go off when I navigate, but it stops talking other times it does not respond at all.

This is especially frustrating when I have an incoming call.  The phone rings, but it does not respond whether  I tap or swipe or do anything.  It usually unfreezes when I lock the screen for a few seconds and then unlock it.  Obviously this is not an option when I am receiving a call. 

Is this issue a general issue people experience, with Android, or is my phone just garbage? All my blind friends keep telling me to get an iPhone.  I think Talkback works fine and I don't need a new phone, especially not one as expensive as an iPhone, but if this is a general issue with Android devices I may reconsider.

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It's not an issue with Samsung Galaxy S5 or Android specifically, but I guess something is going wrong, that is, the phone might be infected with any virus or there is any program that eats all your RAM and processor.

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I don't really think that's a virus. I've had an S5, and the only case in which the screen can freeze is if it's wet. That's an intentional feature to prevent usage until it is clean again. Other than that, you might try checking your apps as it's definitely not a general issue.

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My s5 did not do that at all. it would only freeze a small bit if it was under an extensive task.

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Okay, thanks.  I will factory reset during the weekend.  The phone is quite old and there are too many things that might be causing the trouble. 
I don't even use half the stuff installed on this phone anymore.

The only reason I thought it might be a general issue is because someone told me it is an Android issue.

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Android is good, especialy samsung and google.
I have my garbage galaxy s advance and it freezes because it is old, it was infected with a virus from ivona, long story and is a crap with onli 768 mb of ram and more bad things.

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