2 questions.
1. when i try and open redspot it says i may not have the appropriate permitions to view this file. it then deletes the fil redspot application from the folder. i then have to re download every time i want to play and it only opens the game once before it comes up with the message and deletes it again.
2. any killing tips, i track someone but always seem to struggle to turn fast enough and shoot before they get me

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I can't answer the second question, but as for the first, your antivirus maybe flagging it.

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question1 that is deffenetly  your antivirus. I don't know how to turn off your own antivirus, but itshould be in your antivirus's settings. as for question 2, it's best to face forward  when wanting to attack someone, then you don't need to bother about changing your facing later. btw there is an  guide in the artikles room, don't know the exact link, but you should find it there.
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A general piece of advice is to keep pressing the W or O key to know where the player is when in close combat. You have to repeatedly press it to get the sound

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