Hi, I hope you're well.

I would like tips to start developing applications for android, I already know java, currently studying java for web, jsp, jsf etc.
but, I can not make the ides for android work, can anyone help?
I already tried the eclipse IDE, and the android studio, but I do not know if it has any complement or not, aa,
who can
help me please

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To make android studio accessible, you have to enable the Java Access Bridge.

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I've started learning Android development few months ago, and I've used the following resources:
Codepath (my favorite): https://github.com/codepath/android_guides/wiki
And this one: http://www.vogella.com/tutorials/android.html
There's one more site, androidtutorialspoint.com
But I've now moved to Kotlin because Java is really too much verbose for Android development. Not to mention that you have to spend 3 or 4 lines of code for just simple on-click listener that requires one function callback, plus find-view-by-id stuff which is quite repetitive while writing a gui.

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Hello. HRvoge, May i add you to my skype? if so, please give me your skype id. I got some questions about compiling kotlin codes to APK and stuff like that.

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My skype id is hrvojekatic. However, I'm not online frequently so either mail me first before contacting me on Skype or try to catch me when I'm online.

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and thank you
but from what I was told, java 8 is already enabled, and, where it should appear, only the jaws appear.
what do I do?
and already replaces the dlls

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a i get!
now i runed a heloword  en my celphone

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