hello guys. So, Im searching a good audio editor with multitrack. I like to make a audio storyes, and Im using gold wave for them. But I want know if are a good audio editors accessibles for create audio historyes with multitracks. For control the music, anbiences, dialogs, etc. I can make it with gold wave, but its all on the same track and I have to calculate it super precisely. I tested reaper and audacity but I can't make much with them. I hope someone can helpme.

Sorry for my english

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I'd recommend sound forge if the damn idiots over there at Sony hadn't sold most of their products to Magix, who have now made the product nearly completely unrecognizable. And unable to open certain file types either. So don't by it.

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By unrecognizable do you mean that Sound FOrge is no longer screen reader accessible?

Last version I tried was partially accessible with Jaws, but that may have been a long time ago.

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