Yes, the 64 will be back up within the hour. The 32 shortly after.
I was hoping nobody would notice the gap time... haha it'll be up soon!!

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Hello folks! I'm getting an error 429 when trying to download it.
Best regards, Haramir.

The true blind is the one who refuses to see.

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Hi Haramir, I didn't realize Dropbox has a limit sad
I'm uploading it to my own site right now. I'm so sorry bear with me.

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No worries friend, just wanted to let you know.
Best regards, Haramir.

The true blind is the one who refuses to see.

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i have just come across this topic; do we have to use a mouse or can the whole game be keyboard controled as well? will read through all of the thread now

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how many levels are you hoping for this title to be when complete?

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57 (edited by daisyalesoundworks 2017-09-02 16:04:52)

Hi Wlomas - welcome! You can use the mouse or the arrow buttons/WASD and E, F and G. It all depends on funding. If I get funding for a year, like 50k USD, I want 20-30 levels, and at least 5 levels with procedural generation so they can be replayed for high scores, achievements or in game currency. But that's like, best case scenario, most likely I'll have to get a job in a kitchen again, and develop it on the side. Or give up development, money is getting really tight.

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Okay I am pretty sure this will work. This is uploaded to my audio production website.

x64: http://www.daisyalesoundworks.com/Lost% … %20x64.rar
x32: uploading now, expect when I wake up tomorrow morning (it's Saturday night in Aus, +8gmt)

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hi there wouldn't it help to raze money by lonshing a kick starter campaign i am sure sited people will go for the game concept if you approach them in the right way.
Also i am downloading the game now and can't wait to play it keep up the good work.

regards Hannes Fouche

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Thanks Hannes! I will launch a kickstarter but it will fail if I don't gather a community of people to help promote it, that's what I'm hoping to do here is start a community.

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Here is the game, for 64 bit windows.
http://daisyalesoundworks.com/Lost%20an … %20x64.rar

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Hi @daisyalesoundworks. with v1.01 of the game, it seems to be harder for me to follow the trail. Even when I line up the sound after the dog sniffs for the trail, I just keep losing it. I'm not running either. But, I'm trying to get this game.. I really do love the game so far though. Keep it up.

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Sean, I had some patching issues with the people that follow you and flattened the land. The trail is a sphere of sound and I just realized some of it may be in the air slightly, not directly on the ground. I'll do another update today! Thanks for the feedback!!

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Also though, you're supposed to lose it. It's supposed to be pretty hard because scent dogs turn around and hesitate and double back. I laid the scent trail and have played through it hundreds and I still lose the trail.

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Oh, I completely understand that. but, the version before, it was a bit easier to follow the trail, but, I lose it much more now. I'm not trying to say anything is wrong with the game at all, in fact. I really love it. It's just a bit harder now. I think whatever you did to the sound of the sent for this last version maybe makes it a bit more difficult. Just keep doing what your doing though, You have a wonderful thing going for you in this game.

Thumbs up +1

66 (edited by daisyalesoundworks 2017-09-03 02:30:10)

Ok that's  good feedback then because I didn't purposefully do anything so I'm glad you said that. I'll work on the trail today and make another update asap, thanks again Sean. I wouldn't have realized. Any other thoughts? This is really helpful for me.

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And I'm glad you like It!! Spread the word if possible, lets get more people playing it!

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I FIGURED IT OUT. I lowered the terrain like I said, but that was actually done before I released the initial demo, and you said that it happened since you played the first version.

I forgot to make a note that I *raised the volume level of the footsteps by 100%!* I did this because someone said they needed footsteps a bit louder to know if they're moving or not.

So in your opinion, are the footsteps at a good volume? Should I raise the volume of the scent trail a bit?

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Well, the volume of the trail seems find to me, but, maybe raise it by 50 or 100. Just to be sure. and if It'is to loud afterwards, we can definitely let you know.

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Hi Sean,
I'm uploading a new version now. I widened the center/loudest part of the scent trail by 25%. This could actually make it harder, honestly because the wider the scent trail is the more apt you are to turn left or right and pursue in the wrong way. We'll have to see. Also I raised the volume 50%. I also went through every piece of it to make sure the center of the aural sphere was directly on the ground. We'll see how it turns out but it should be up within 2 or so hours. I wish I had a faster turnaround time, Australian internet is literally the worst in the world because of how the cables literally have to go underneath the water to Malaysia and again to here.

Version 1.02 fixes from 1.00:
Autorun bug is gone
Level skip bug is gone
Scent trail is a little wider and a little louder - might not be a good thing
Scent trail is optimized for land height - wasn't before
Tent visual was added to the alternate scent trail scene - collisions, listen for footsteps
Another audio extra was added to the alternate scent trail scene
Underwater sound was lowered
Visual stones were added near the river - no aural/collision change
Dog footstep volume was raised 100%

32 bit is uploading first, should be done 2 hours from now or less. 64 bit is after that. I'm pretty sure you are all asleep though as it's 4am on the east coast of the US... haha

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Should we just use the previous link that you gave in order to download the new version of the game? Or do we need to wait for links?

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Here are the updates.
x32 http://daisyalesoundworks.com/Lost%20an … %20x32.rar
x64 http://daisyalesoundworks.com/Lost%20an … %20x64.rar

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73 (edited by daisyalesoundworks 2017-09-03 14:25:46)

Hey everyone, I'd love some help on my next level idea.

It's on a ship, because I love ocean sounds, so I am really looking forward to creating a lively ocean soundscape and I have a really nice low poly wave aesthetic for the sighted people.

Two problems I would love help with. One, the boats are 3d, you will be able to go up and down stairs. How can I implement this so that blind gamers will be easily able to maneuver stairs? I was thinking of putting a humming fluorescent light sound at the bottom of each stair, and a sustained beep or other machinery sound at the top of each stair. Would this make it easy to navigate? Anyone have any better ideas?

Problem two: the story. I want to make a kind of mystery solving level, where you're on a nice cruise or something and an objective pops up. OR even make the objective kind of hidden and optional, like people can have the option of exploring or going right on to the next level, but if you explore you'll find a whole sub-plot of drug ring or a heist or something that you uncover through listening and putting together clues. Anyone want to write a level narrative with me? I want to give people a break from the "stay on the scent trail" mechanic because I'm really worried it's going to get boring and old.

In your ideas, try to work around complicated animations. I don't have much money so I can't buy animated characters, and animation is my achilles heel as a developer. Try to find a way around anything other than a character standing, running or walking please.

Share your thoughts!

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Hello guys,

okay so I tried this game out for a bit, and I so far only have one suggestion.
the humming, is far too quiet.
Now, I know what a lot of you are going to say. It's not supposed to be too easy, and I totally agree.
However, compared to the ambient noises, and then the Mom who is like in the background talking to you, you can't really hear the humming at all.
Even at the beginning of the game, when you're given the tutorial, the hum is like barely audible.
anyways, that's just my take on it.
I like the dog by the way, so cute!!!

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches with in the soul, that sings the tune without the words and never stops at all."
Emily Dickenson

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Silvermoon, thanks. I'm still trying to find a good balance. I'll bring it up in volume!
How did you find the gameplay? Was it fun, too easy, too hard other than the hum being quiet?

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