I've made a stage for Adventure At C: called The Ultimate Stage.

Here it is:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/gafals1uj9v41 … e.zip?dl=1

Note... um... it's hard, i think.



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I just plaied your stage, but haven't finished it yet.
The reason being, is that you didn't set the telleporter to stop chasing the player after they die.
This creates a problem because you're now asking the player to complete two vary specific tasks that require precise timing to complete successfully; back-to-back, but they can't do so because the telleporter is chasing them, and avoiding bariors and making precise platform jumps can't be done because the player will always land on the telleporter because it's always right below them.
To fix this, recreate the telleporter, but tell it to return to its original position when the player dies.
If this causes you to think some of the challenge has been removed from your stage, use the flags, f9 key, to set custom character stats for your stage, EG health lives.
If this is meant to be played after AAC has been completed, 30 power and defence should do nicely.
Live should probably be somewhere around their as well, but no higher than 50.
As for health, no more than 1,000, although 500 will probably do the trick.
Also some text bugs.
In the first box it should say, "you'll be dead" instead of "you'll be death."
The second box should say "in front of you is the pit of death", not "in front of you are the pit of death.
I must say a few good things while I'm here as well.
The music is perfect for this kind of puzzle solving stage.
Also the bomb that randomly goes off when you start jumping across the pit of death is brilliant, as is the telleporter after you finish crossing the pit.
Just make sure it also stops chacing the player at a sirtain point as well.

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Well, here is a tip. When you die the first time, after the teleporters have began mooving, wait for them on the start of the stage, and when they are with you, jump fast away from them. They are very slow, so i don't think, they'll be with you. And i am sorry about the text, but English is not my first language. I will fic it, but i can't find out, how to remove them, so i can create them Again.

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To edit obsticals, pres the period key. Text squares can be moved and edited, not just destroyed.

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Hi Again,
Now, i've made some changes to the stage, and i've also made a Danish version of the stage, if someone wants to try that.
Here it is:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/p6oho464f48z6 … e.zip?dl=1

Aksel Christoffersen

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Hi again,

Now, I’ve made some new stages, and here they are in a whole archive:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/fto1h28sg8zoi … en.7z?dl=1

I’ll give some hints, which to play:
-    If you want to try a very, very strange stage, then play The Stage Of Death
-    - If you don’t like long and boring stages, then play END
-    - If you want some more fighting acomplishments, then play 100 Enemies, and just continue and continue…
-    - If you just want to try a, I think, fun and challenging stage, then play The Ultimate Stage, in main English, or Danish


Aksel Christoffersen

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