Hello everyone!
The video first game in franchise is now ready!
The link is:
Thanks to everyone who suggested content for this video, and I did my best to include it all. ALso, please subscribe to the channel, and give me more ideas for materials. I would like to eventually do some tournaments  for madden as well as other games. I don't have a lot in the way of fighting games, as on the xbox, there isn't a hole lot of choice.  Any thoughts or suggestions, ideas or Critisisms can be sent to my email which is listed at the end of the video.
THank you all so much for putting up with all of this crazy stuff. I have enjoyed the labor it took to do it, and I could not have done it without Oran, or amber, who helped me deal with a lot of the technical aspects of this.  Agan, enjoy this vdeo, and please leave feedback at the places I can be reached.
THank you again,

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Aww damn, the video cut off in the middle of moments for some reason. Just ended.


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Hey, Addolis.
First thanks for the videos that you have done for Madden.
I would like to mention a few things that you didn't mention in the videos.
There are the three following things that was left out of the videos, I hope that when EA does the guide they don't forget to add these things.
If you have set the skill level in the main settings then you don't have to set it in franchise and play now modes.
If you have set the quarter length and the play clock in the main settings then you don't have to set them in the play now mode.
Once again great job on the videos they are very helpful.

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Does anyone know when the guide will be added to EA's website?
Does anyone know when the update will be coming?
Thanks so much.

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I'm not sure. Keep in mind that Karren was effected by the hurricane, and now there's another one coming, Maria, which is said to be heading towards Florida.


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I just decided to look at this for the first time. I'm so happy that for once a mainstream developer is taking us seriously! As soon as the update is out I'm definitely buying this. I'm so excited about this First a hero's call and now an ea game? It just keeps getting better and better.

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Given that I now have a copy of the game, I'll wait until the update hits, then start learning everything I can as I go.

Looking forward to seeing just how far this goes.

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I'm back, my console is back, sanity is to be determined (wink). I've got several sections left to write, but first let me ask - what section would others like to see the most? I'll prioritize order of writing based on feedback. Thanks, - Karen

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Now is the time where I think we'd all like to see gameplay sections, even if the patch isn't out yet. Kicking the ball, running on offense or defense, and when on defense, the best way to determine where the offender is and how to make a successful tackle--I'd prefer not to guess these things if possible.
I kind of want to play long shot, but I dunno. The quicktime events are hard to remember with how fast they are, and you can't pause the game durring those sequences for good reason, though that makes it all the harder for us.
Maybe I'll remember what I can and play through it, even though i might get the worst ending possible in it.


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Hey, Karen.
First let me say a very special thanks to you and the rest of EA's team striving to make Madden accessible for those of us who are totally blind.
I would like to make a suggestion on how you should have the lay out.
At the beginning of guide explain what the buttons and sticks on the controller do in the menus and doing gameplay.
Even give instructions on how to control the offense and defense does.
Then give the layout of the menus from the homepage and the different modes are.
Explain the meaning for the different settings are for.

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I will say that Adolis did a great job on the tutorial of Madden.
I hope that he will do one of the new WWE game that comes out next month.
The only problem that I am having with Madden is the kicking for the field goal and the p.a.t.
I am going to keep trying until I get it.
Thanks again Adolis.

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@ea_accessible Glad to have you back, and I hope everything is as well as possible. What Orin said sounds like a good way to go. thanks again, and take care.

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Text version of the madden manual. This will take multiple posts.

To be complete, here's the warning at the beginning of the manual that is unlikely to apply to this audience, but will include it anyway.

Important Health Warning: Photosensitive Seizures

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. Even people with no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause “photosensitive epileptic seizures” while watching video games. Symptoms can include light-headedness, altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, momentary loss of awareness, and loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or striking nearby objects. Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Parents, watch for or ask children about these symptoms—children and teenagers are more likely to experience these seizures. The risk may be reduced by being farther from the screen; using a smaller screen; playing in a well-lit room, and not playing when drowsy or fatigued. If you or any relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor before playing.

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Madden manual, part 2

Teamwork, competition, and big plays—it’s all here in Madden NFL 18. This authentic football experience is more accessible than ever, for both new players and those who want to brush up on their skills, featuring four difficulty settings and three ways to play. Engage with our all-new story mode, or jump directly onto the field with our new competitive features. The gridiron is yours to claim in Madden NFL 18.

Madden NFL 18 features a brand-new story mode: Longshot. Step into the shoes of Devin Wade, a young man who deferred his dreams of making it big in NFL after the loss of his father. He now has one last chance to make it to the league—follow his path and learn complex football strategies along the way. Direct the course of Devin’s personality and career with dialogue choices governing how you’ll interact with the media, teammates, and rivals. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate longshot and be drafted into the NFL?

In MUT Squads, compete in three-on-three matches as the head coach, offensive coordinator, or defensive coordinator. Watch over your team and lead them to victory—with each player taking on a different role, you’ll have to work together to lead your team to a win. Find it under Ultimate Team!

If you’re the competitive type, jump into a knockout tournament in MUT Champions. Each week features a brand-new tournament, so check back often!

This year we’re introducing MUT Levels, which measures your progress in Ultimate Team. As you increase your MUT Level you’ll unlock new ways to play, exclusive offers, and additional challenges!

Now you can adjust your Madden experience to your background. There are four levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. These levels will adjust difficulty level, and the settings of Assists, Ball Hawk, Coach Tips, Game Speed, Visual Feedback, etc. Change your settings at any time in the Game Options menu to experience Madden at the level you’re most comfortable with.

For the first time in Madden, choose from three gameplay styles:
Arcade: Big plays, lots of scoring, and minimal penalties make every game a thrilling spectacle.
Simulation: Play an authentic NFL experience based on the latest team rankings, with NFL rules in play.
Competitive: If you’re all about online competition, this mode focuses on Head-to-Head and tournament play against friends online and players around the world.

Play real NFL matchups every week of the season, with up-to-date and authentic stats, rosters, and commentary. Take control of your favorite teams and lead them to the championships.

Experience the best live commentary to date, based on current NFL lineups!

Visuals are more real than ever in Madden NFL 18 with our Frostbite engine. With detailed player depictions and stadium lighting, live and breathe every match with improved visuals.

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Madden manual, part 3. I know that some of these instruction assume visualization of menus. I'll make a table for that later. Right now my goal is to give you the entire manual in text form, as close to the original as possible.



Adjust play call settings at any time by visiting SETTINGS > VISUAL FEEDBACK > PLAY CALL STYLE, or set it in the options that appear before each game:
- Quick:    Shows you one play from Coach Suggestions—press the pad-down button to cycle through more options. Press the dpad-left and dpad-right buttons to cycle to Strategy Suggestions, Community Suggestions, and Frequently Run Plays. You can also back out of this option and return to the full playbook.
- Enhanced    Gives you three suggestions at a time from a full range of options, including Coach Suggestions, Formation, Concept, Play Type, Personnel, and Recent Plays.
- Slim    This option has all the same choices as Enhanced while showcasing the beautiful broadcast presentation of Madden NFL 18.

Change the Tempo setting to fine-tune how you compete against the clock:
- Normal    The default option.
- No Huddle    Your offense automatically goes into the No Huddle offense when it gets tackled in bounds while the clock is running.
- Chew Clock    This runs the play clock down to 10 seconds—a great option late in the game when you’re looking to deplete the game clock!

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Madden manual part 4

@SECTION Game Controls

@HEADER Offense

Snap ball (Hurry to Line): A/X
Switch player: B/Circle
Motion player: B/Circle + left stick Left-stick move left or Left-stick move right
Hot route: Y/Triangle
Pass protection: LB/L1 + right stick
Fake snap: RB/R1
Show Play Art: RT/R2
Player Lock: left-stick tap (double tap)
Show or Hide Pre-Play menu: right-stick tap
Zoom in gameplay camera: dpad up
Zoom out gameplay camera: dpad down

High pass to specific receiver: LB/L1+ A/X or B/Circle or Y/Triangle or X/Square or RB/R1
Low pass to specific receiver: LT/L2 + A/X or B/Circle or Y/Triangle or X/Square or RB/R1
Throw to receiver (1): X/Square
Lob to receiver (1): X/Square(tap)
Touch pass to receiver (1): X/Square(double tap)
Bullet pass to receiver (1): X/Square(hold)
Throw to receiver (2): A/X
Lob to receiver (2): A/X (tap)
Touch pass to receiver (2): A/X (double tap)
Bullet pass to receiver (2) : A/X (hold)
Throw to receiver (3): B/Circle
Lob to receiver (3): B/Circle (tap)
Touch pass to receiver (3): B/Circle (double tap)
Bullet pass to receiver (3) : B/Circle (hold)
Throw to receiver (4): Y/Triangle
Lob to receiver (4): Y/Triangle (tap)
Touch pass to receiver (4): Y/Triangle (double tap)
Bullet pass to receiver (4): Y/Triangle (hold)
Throw to receiver (5): RB/R1
Lob to receiver (5): RB/R1 (tap)
Touch pass to receiver (5): RB/R1 (double tap)
Bullet pass to receiver (5): RB/R1 (hold)
Pump fake: left-stick tap, outside pocket right stick + direction
Check out of play action or scramble: RT/R2
Roll Out Loco: RT/R2 (tap), then left stick+ direction
Throw ball away: right-stick tap
Total control passing: left stick + direction when throwing
Activate Target Passing: LT/L2 (hold)
Move Target Passing Indicator: LT/L2 (hold) + left stick + direction
Throw Target Pass to Selected Receiver: LT/L2 (hold) + receiver button
Playmaker Closest Receiver: right stick (flick directional)

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Madden Manual Part 5

@SUBHEADER Ball Carrier
Stiff arm punch: A/X +RT/R2
Precision Stiff Arm: A/X +LT/L2
Stiff arm hold (near defender): A/X (hold)
Celebrate (in open field): LT/L2 (hold)+RT/R2 (hold) + A/X (hold)
Sprint Spin: B/Circle + RT/R2 (hold up to ½ sec.)
Standard Spin: B/Circle or right stick (half circle)
Precision Spin: B/Circle + LT/L2
Dive low: X/Square+RT/R2
Dive for yards: X/Square
Dive over the line: X/Square+LT/L2
Ball Carrier Give-Up(QB Slide): LT/L2+RT/R2 + right-stick tap
Sprint Hurdle: Y/Triangle + RT/R2 (hold up to ½ sec.)
Hurdle: Y/Triangle + RT/R2
Precision Hurdle: Y/Triangle + LT/L2
Pitch ball: LB/L1
Switch ball hand: RB/R1 (tap)
Protect ball: RB/R1 (hold)
Precision modifier (decelerate): LT/L2
Stutter step: LT/L2 (tap)
Precision spin: LT/L2 + B/Circle or LT/L2 + right stick (half circle)
Precision dive: LT/L2 + X/Square
Precision high dive (behind blocker): LT/L2 + X/Square
Precision hurdle: LT/L2 + Y/Triangle
Acceleration burst: RT/R2
Juke: right stick move right or right stick move left
Precision juke: LT/L2 + dpad left or dpad right
Precision jump cut (behind line of scrimmage): LT/L2+ dpad left or dpad right
Get skinny (behind blocker): RB/R1 (hold)
Back juke: LT/L2 (hold) + right stick down
Truck: right stick up
Precision truck: LT/L2+right stick right stick up
Lunge for yards: right stick up, with stumble recovery icon active
Stumble recovery: right stick down
Truck spin combo: right stick half circle, start up, move left, then down
Precision truck spin combo: LT/L2 + right stick half circle, start up, move left, then down
Juke left, spin left combo: right stick half circle, start left, then up then right
Precision juke left, spin left combo: LT/L2 + right stick half circle, start left, then up, then right
Juke left, spin right combo: right stick half circle, start left, then down, then right
Precision juke left, spin right combo: LT/L2 + right stick half circle, start left, then down, then right
Juke right, spin left combo: right stick right, then right stick half circle start left, then up, then right
Precision juke right, spin left combo: LT/L2+ right stick right, then right stick half circle start left, then up, then right
Juke right, spin right combo: right stick right, then half circle start, then up, then right
Precision juke right, spin right combo: LT/L2 + right stick right, then half circle start, then up, then right
Back juke, spin left combo: right stick half circle, start down, then leftthen up
Precision back juke, spin left combo: LT/L2 + right stick half circle, start down, then left, then up
Back juke, spin right combo: right stick half circle, start down, then right, then up
Precision back juke, spin right combo: LT/L2+ right stick half circle, start down, then right, then up
Juke left, juke right combo: right stick left, right stick right
Precision juke left, juke right combo: LT/L2 + right stick left, right stick right
Juke right, juke left combo: right stick right, right stick left
Precision juke right, juke left combo: LT/L2 + right stick right, right stick left

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Note on jukes - pretty much they are all half circles, with optionally first holding down LT, or pressing the stick in the opposite direction of the half-circles starting point first. Also, they are such a mess to type out that I found the official manual pdf had errors.

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Madden manual part 6

@SUBHEADER Ball in Air or Loose Ball
Auto play or Defensive assist: LB/L1
Switch player: B/Circle
Conservative Catch: A/X (press or hold)
Play Receiver (on defense): A/X (hold)
RAC Catch: X/Square (press or hold)
Dive (loose ball): X/Square (hold)
Aggressive Catch: Y/Triangle (press or hold)
Play Ball (on defense): Y/Triangle (hold)
Swat: X/Square (hold)
Strafe: LT/L2
Acceleration burst: RT/R2

@HEADER Defense
@SUBHEADER Pre-Play Defense
Individual adjustment: A/X
Switch player: B/Circle
Select player: B/Circle (hold) + left stick
Audible menu: X/Square
Coverage audible: Y/Triangle
Defensive line audible: LB/L1
Linebacker audible: RB/R1
Defensive keys: LT/L2
Off the line: RT/R2 (tap)
Show Play Art: RT/R2 (hold)
Show strong or weak side gap assignment: RT/R2 + A/X + B/Circle
Zoom in gameplay camera: dpad up
Zoom out gameplay camera: dpad down
Defensive player lock camera: dpad left
Defensive Camera: dpad right
Show or Hide Pre-Play menu: right-stick tap
Pump up crowd: right stick up

@SUBHEADER Defensive (Engaged)
Pass rush finesse move: A/X (vs. Pass)
Shed Block: A/X (vs. Run)
Block Sheds: left stick + A/X
Switch player: B/Circle
Pass rush power move: X/Square (vs. Pass)
Hands up or Bat ball: Y/Triangle
Auto-Assist (non-engaged): LB/L1 (hold)
Reach Tackle Left: LB/L1
Reach Tackle Right: RB/R1

@SUBHEADER Defensive (Pursuit)
Conservative tackle: A/X
Precision breakdown tackle: LT/L2+A/X
Switch player: B/Circle
Aggressive tackle (close) or Dive tackle (far): X/Square
Auto play or Defensive assist: LB/L1 (hold)
Strip ball: RB/R1
Strafe: LT/L2
Acceleration burst: RT/R2
Hit stick vs. Ball Carrier or Blocker: right stick up (flick)
Cut Stick vs. Ball Carrier or Blocker: right stick down (flick)

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Madden manual part 7

@SUBHEADER Special Teams Defense
Conservative tackle: A/X
Switch player: B/Circle
Audible: X/Square
Jumping block attempt: Y/Triangle
Diving block attempt: X/Square + RT/R2
Show play art or Jump the snap: RT/R2
Player Locked Receiver
Switch players (pre-play): B/Circle
Player lock (pre-play): left-stick tap
Conservative change-up: A/X
Conservative change-up release (avoid press): A/X + left stick + directional at snap
Go in motion: right stick left or right
Aggressive footfire (in place for a ½ sec): X/Square
Aggressive footfire release (avoid press): X/Square + left stick + directional at snap
Just-Go release (speed boost): RT/R2+ left stick + directional at snap
Cut out of press: right-stick tap (flick when pressed)
Cut moves while route-running: RB/R1 + right stick (flick)
Route-running or Move player: left stick
Alternate cut-moves while route-running: RB/R1 (hold) + left-stick tap (hold), then release RB/R1

@SUBHEADER Defensive Coverage Mechanics
Switch players (pre-play): B/Circle
Player lock (pre-play): left-stick tap
Press or Hold receiver: right stick + directional at snap
Player movement: left stick
Carry, deliver, and follow receiver out of press: right stick + directional roll during press

@SUBHEADER Blocking Mechanics
Switch players (pre-play): B/Circle
Player lock (pre-play): left-stick tap
Player movement or block on collision: right stick + directional at snap
Conservative enegage defender: left stick
Aggressive impact block: right stick + directional roll during press
Aggressive cut block: right stick down

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Madden Manual Part 8



Target and throw to the holes in the zones. With Target Passing you can throw to precise spots on the field for your receivers to catch. We’ve also balanced out the wide receivers and separated their ratings from the quarterback, letting you better survey your team’s standing.

Choose from dozens of rushes and defensive maneuvers to combat your opponent’s offensive. We’ve even added some improvements to our Block Sheds, and you can now attempt reach tackles while engaged in a block.

Show off your strategy skills. We’ve added some new ways to plan your game, with Coach Adjustments, DB-WR Match-ups, Position-Specific Defensive Hot-Routes, and Wide Receiver Alignments. Shading has been tweaked and improved as well


An image with arrows that points out where each of the following is located (posted here for completeness):
1. Away team 2. Home team 3. Possession 4. Score 5. Timeouts remaining 6. Play Art 7. Quarter 8. Time Remaining 9. Down and distance 10. Starting line 11. Play clock 12. Receiver icons

Home Panel
Jump into your last game mode or choose something new.

Play Panel
Choose which game mode you want to play today. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the story of Longshot, manage a Franchise, create your Ultimate Team, or head to Open Practice for a little training, all the main Madden NFL 18 modes are here.

Customize Panel
Customize your rosters, playbooks, settings, and more in the Customize panel.

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First off, glad to hear you're ok and that everything's sort of settling back to normal.  Hope the rest of any recovery efforts continue smoothly.

Now, to the manual.  Thanks very much for posting all this information.  I thought fighting games were complicated, but I'm thinking that compared to the amount of controls for this game, it'll take even longer to master.

Funny to hear about the official manual having errors as well though, that's pretty hilarious.

Sightless Kombat.
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I'm not done yet. Madden manual part 9.


In Longshot, you will take on Devin Wade’s journey to be drafted to the NFL, a dream cut short following the death of his father. Devin now has one last chance to join the NFL, and you’ll need to rely on your skills on and off the field to make it happen. Learn more advanced game techniques as Devin impresses the scouts, but also get ready to navigate dialogue choices that can drastically alter his career. Experience the thrill of chasing the dream—and what it takes to get to the NFL.

Looking for a more authentic Franchise experience? Play Now Live lets you jump into any week in a team’s season using their to-date stats and roasters. You can further customize Franchise with Season Experience. You can also take this live matchup team into Franchise mode, and continue their journey with their up-to-date stats. Or, create a Cloud Franchise of any previous real-life week by selecting Real-Life Roster in Cloud league.

Franchise is where gridiron legends are made. Take control of an active NFL Player, Coach, or Owner, or create your own character as you aim for the Hall of Fame. All the excitement and drama of the NFL can be found—and lived— through Franchise.

@SUBHEADER Starting Your Franchise
Choose Online (Cloud) or Offline, and then select and customize your team. You’ll start in the regular season by default, but you can easily switch to PRESEASON from the Starting Point.

@SUBHEADER Play the Moment & Other Ways to Play
Before loading into your weekly game, choose one of four ways to play. Play the Moment mode lets you jump in at the most crucial parts of a game, so you can help lead your team to victory in the most efficient way possible. You can also play Offense Only or Defense Only if you prefer to stick to one side of the ball—and play the game twice as fast!

Jump in and out of any of these modes of play at any time—just select the Custom Play options from the Supersim options menu. You can also adjust the speed of the game in Supersim. Use fast mode to jump through the game, or choose slow mode for a true Sunday experience.

@SUBHEADER Setting Your Season Goal
When you reach the regular season, the first Big Decision you’ll make is your Season Goal. As coach, you can set how many wins you anticipate for the season. The more wins you set, the more risk you take: if you miss your goal, you could be fired. As a player, you choose between various stats based on your position.

As you load a game, notice the goals for your character and other players on your team. Completing these goals during the game will give you additional XP and/or Confidence that will make your players perform better on the field. 

At the beginning of some drives, you’ll see a Drive Goal that you can complete for bonus XP and/or Confidence. Specific goals will be tailored based on events in the current game, giving you a unique challenge every time you play.

At the end of the play, look at the XP and Confidence updates appearing next to your player, as well as updates on your completed goals. The ticker at the bottom of the screen tracks your goal progress. Weekly Goals are assigned based on completion of previous weekly goals.

Your roster is right at your fingertips on the Team Panel, which is visible right next to your Things To Do. Select any player on your team to see a quick overview of his attributes, view his goals and stats, or even purchase upgrades with his XP.

If you’re playing in a Cloud Franchise, you can also quickly interact with your league members on the new Members panels. Check their game status and whether they’re online. As a commissioner, you can also toggle Auto Pilot, clear cap penalties, or remove them from the league.

@SUBHEADER Improving Your Team
Improving your team has never been easier when you use the Improve Your Team option from the Things To Do menu. All the free agents and trade block players are organized in one place so you can compare your players to the available ones. The higher your grade, the better you are at that position!

@SUBHEADER Dynamic Development Trait
The development trait determines how quickly a player progresses in the league and essentially dictates their ceiling as a player. Any time the player achieves a big reward, such as Player of the Week or NFL MVP, their development trait may increase. On the other hand, missing a season goal can cause the development trait to plummet.

Starting as a coach or owner in Week 3, you’ll see a Things To Do item that teaches you how to Scout. Spend Scouting Points on a player, learn more about their abilities, and decide if you want to draft them in the upcoming NFL Draft. The Scouting Points unlock the player’s top three attributes, with the third unlock providing their true draft value. Additionally, you can find “Diamonds” and “Overvalued” players in the draft class by spending Scouting Points on them before the NFL Draft.

@SUBHEADER Weekly Training & Gameplanning
Great teams are developed on the practice field! Spend time in training each week to prepare for your upcoming opponent and improve your team.

@SUBHEADER Creating Your Gameplan
Your first step in weekly training is setting your offensive and defensive gameplans. Your coaches suggest gameplans based on your opponent’s tendencies; you can find in-game drills accompanying each one. The better you do in the drills, the better the medal you will receive (Gold, Silver, or Bronze)—playing well grants you more XP.
When it’s game time, your chosen gameplans give you offensive and defensive boosts to certain plays. Check the play call menu to see boosted plays in green.

@SUBHEADER Focus Training
The second step in weekly training is Focus Training, which boosts players you choose to train this way. Your coaches will recommend focusing your rookies, but you can choose any player for Focus Training. Boost the players you want to develop to make them powerhouses on your team!

@SUBHEADER Free Practice
In Free Practice, take your team to the field and experiment with plays. This is a great way to see how your team plays and stay ahead of the curve in your league.

@SUBHEADER Confidence Rating
Your players’ in-game performance determines their Confidence. A confident team is more likely to perform well. As a Player, make the most of your on-field opportunities to build your Confidence rating!

@SUBHEADER Multiple Advance Points
Have you ever wanted to be an armchair General Manager and only worry about the offseason with free agency and the NFL Draft? Or maybe you’d like to go to the playoffs right after you clinch the top seed in your conference. Now you can with multiple advance points! Jump ahead in your season or play standard week-to-week.

@SUBHEADER Commissioner Tools
Use Commissioner Tools to have more control on your league than ever before.
Full Player Editing
Edit the appearance, contract info, ratings, traits, and more for all the players in the league. Any edits will show up on the Transaction log so the league can monitor their Commissioner’s actions.
Designate Auto-Pilot Length
If you know you’ll be out of town or unavailable for an extended period of time, you can now set yourself or other users to auto-pilot for multiple weeks. This feature is available for league members and Commissioners.
Multiple Commissioners
Running a multiple-user Online Franchise can be extremely time-consuming, but life can happen at any moment. Franchise understands that. Designate another user as a second Commissioner to make sure your league never needs to worry if you’re not available to advance the week. The original Commissioner can add or remove this feature at any time.

@HEADER Owner Mode
If you choose to start as an owner, you’ll need to select a backstory. Backstories provide an identity to your character and have an in-game impact. The three backstories for an owner are:
Former Player
Gives you an advantage with roster happiness and starts you off with $3 million in available funds.
Lifelong Fan
Gives you an advantage with fans, starting you off with $3 million in available funds.
Financial Mogul
Gives you an advantage financially as you’ll start with $7 million in funds, but you’ll start with no Legacy score and player happiness will be low.

Now, it’s time to make those key decisions that influence how your team makes revenue and rakes in wins. Since it’s easy to become overwhelmed as an owner, an advisor is available for every aspect of owner mode to help you out and keep you updated on your team.

As you build up your team, set prices for tickets, concessions, and merchandise. Check your Team Value in categories like Fan Happiness, Staff, and Stadium, and adjust when necessary to improve your value. Hire the right staff to keep your players feeling and performing their best. Make sure your roster is in good shape, and don’t be afraid to relocate if a change of scenery and a new stadium will boost morale!

@SUBHEADER Roster Building
To edit your roster, go to MY TEAM > ROSTER under the Manage tab. This is where a truly great team is made.

@SUBHEADER Player Types & Schemes
When scouting for new players, it is important to understand which scheme your team runs and what player type they need.
Each NFL team evaluates players differently, so it's essential to know what piques their interest and inspires them to value you higher. For example, if you’re a receiving back looking to crack into the Arizona Cardinals starting lineup, you may find yourself buried on the depth chart. However, your OVR will be higher in Philadelphia, a team looking for a receiving halfback.

@SUBHEADER Offseason
Re-Signing Players
During the regular season, you’ll notice pending free agents who want to start negotiations on a new deal. If you decide against negotiating in the middle of the season, you’ll have one last opportunity to re-sign your own free agents-to-be at this stage of the offseason.
If you do decide to enter negotiations with one of your players at this stage, make sure it’s an offer that suits both you and the player. If the player declines to sign the deal, he’ll be off to test the open free agent market. Make your first offer count!

@SUBHEADER Free Agency Bidding
After having a chance to re-sign your own free agents, you’ll have your pick of the litter in free agency. This free-agency period is a time when teams can beef up their roster in a hurry—assuming your team has plenty of salary cap space and that the right free agents are on the market!
You’ll first notice each player has a current market value, which essentially tells you what you can expect to pay for the services of that player. You’ll also notice the logos of other NFL teams; these represent the teams that have an interest in that player.

@SUBHEADER Contract Offers
After offering an initial contract to your targeted free agents, you’ll need to advance the week for updates. Go back into the free agency screen and sort by My Negotiations for a quick view of all the players you are attempting to sign.
At this point, you’ll see if the player has decided to sign with you, accepted another team's offer, or is still deciding. If the player has not decided, you have the option to increase your offer, pull your offer, or keep it as is. Free agency lasts four weeks, so make sure you keep an eye on your negotiations.

After the free agency period has ended, it’s off to the NFL Draft!
From this hub, you’ll see the draft order plus a list of actions you can take. While another team is on the clock, you can offer a trade to that team and move up in the draft order, look at the overall draft board, or advance the draft.
You’ll see messages start flying in as sports personalities react to the most recent selection. Since some players have branching storylines, their paths to the draft will be told by the voice of Adam Schefter once a player has been selected. However, if you’re looking to speed up the process, you can advance to the next user pick to bypass all draft selections by the AI.

@SUBHEADER Signing Rookies
This task is automatically completed for you, replicating the new way rookie contracts are constructed in the NFL.

@HEADER Playing as a Coach
Spending XP as a coach is much different than spending it as a player. As a coach, you can spend your XP on packages to decrease the odds of a player retiring, make it easier for you to re-sign a player, boost the amount of XP a position earns, or even increase the amount of Scouting Points you earn each week.

@SUBHEADER Progressing Players
As a coach, you accrue XP and Scouting Points to spend on yourself. Additionally, your players earn XP based on their performance and personal goals. You can apply XP yourself or set the AI to allocate it for you.
The benefits of applying XP yourself is that you can shape your players based on how you want them to fit into your system. For example, if you want the smartest team in the league, use your XP on Awareness and Play Recognition. However, if you just want to beef up your players’ weaknesses to make them well-rounded contributors, you can go that route as well. The choice is yours to make.
Of course, applying XP to every player on your roster can be time consuming. In that case, you can spend the XP of key players and then delegate the AI to apply everyone else’s. This not only saves time, but also ensures that everyone is using the XP they have earned.

@HEADER Playing as a Player
@SUBHEADER Creating a Player
Play as an active NFL player or create your own character.

@SUBHEADER Backstory
There are three options for a player backstory: Early Draft Pick, Late Round Pick, and Undrafted. Playing as an early draft pick gives you the highest possible ratings for a rookie, but you’ll also have much higher on-field expectations than an undrafted rookie.

Season, Weekly, and Milestone are the three types of goals you have as a player. Reach your goals to earn XP, which you use to improve your player attributes.

You accumulate XP throughout the season based on your on-field performance. Once you have enough XP, you can buy packages to boost any player’s ratings.

@SUBHEADER Retirement
You can retire your player at any time. Retirement lets you select a new player, coach, or owner and pick up at the same exact point in the season or year in which you left.

@SUBHEADER Legacy Score
All awards, from MVP to Super Bowl championships, count toward your Legacy Score. The Legacy Score determines how you’re judged against the greatest NFL players in history—you’ll need a high Legacy score to end up in the Hall of Fame!

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Madden Manual Part 10

@HEADER Madden Ultimate Team (MUT)

@SUBHEADER What is Madden Ultimate Team (MUT)?
Welcome to our largest fantasy football mode where you create your Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). You’ll receive a team of starter players—work from there to create your greatest football team.

Collect players and other items with Auctions and packs available to purchase in the Store, or earned in specific game modes. Play games to earn coins (the in-game currency). Spend real cash in exchange for points to redeem for packs and bundles.

Upgrade your team with new items you’ve acquired. Don’t forget to use the Auction House to exchange extra or unwanted items with other players for items you need.

Dominate on the gridiron in Seasons, MUT Champions, and MUT Squads.


MUT Squads
Compete in three-on-three matches as the head coach, offensive coordinator, or defensive coordinator—work together to lead your team to victory from the sidelines!

MUT Champions
MUT Champions features weekly knockout tournaments, perfect for those who want to jump in for a high competitive experience!

Ultimate Moments in Solo Challenges
Ultimate Moments are Solo Challenges that begin with a game in progress. You will be dropped right into this season’s most exciting games with the ability to recreate or change history—experience some of NFL’s most exciting moments!

How Do I Upgrade My Team?
Play Solo Challenge games against the CPU to earn coins to spend on items and packs in the Store. You can also earn coins by selling items in the Auction House or quickselling an item from your Item Binder.

What’s a Pack?
A pack contains several random items you can collect to upgrade your team. Most packs include several player items and a few non-player items, such as playbooks, uniforms, coaches, collectibles, or stadiums. You may earn packs as loyalty rewards or rewards for Sets, Head to Head Events, or Solo Challenges. You can also buy individual packs or bundles of packs in the Store.

What’s a Tier?
Tier is the measure of an item’s quality. Items from higher tiers are typically more powerful or useful than those of lower tiers. Items are color-coded by tier so you can easily judge their quality.
Elite items aren’t found in every pack, but sometimes an Elite item replaces a Gold item. A few packs or bundles may include guaranteed Elite tier items, as described in their Store description.

What’s a Program?
Some items are part of a program. There are many programs offered throughout the year, such as Draft or Playoff. Each program has a special group of items tied to a central theme, and special events like Solo Challenges or Sets are often based on a program. You can filter your item searches by program in the Item Binder, Auctions, and Trades.

From the MUT menu, select the Live tab to find special announcements about content updates for the mode. You’ll see new Solo Challenges and Sets to collect appearing several times a week. Check out new events regularly to find the best players to add to your team. You can also check on your MUT level progression under this tab.

Objectives and Progress
The Live tab presents helpful tasks to teach you Ultimate Team Objectives. You’ll receive a reward for completing all tasks, so be sure to finish them all and be on the lookout for new lists throughout the season.

The Play tab allows you to play with your MUT. You can find MUT Champions, MUT Squads, and MUT Draft, as well as Solo Challenges and Seasons. Solo Challenges are single-player games against teams controlled by the CPU, while Seasons contain Head to Head Events, Salary Cap Ranked mode, and Play a Friend mode.

Solo Challenges
There are many categories of Solo Challenges to play, with four levels of difficulty and varying quarter lengths. Select a Solo Challenge to see all the details about it. Some Solo Challenges have entry requirements based on collectibles or Chemistry.
New Solo Challenges are added all the time, so check the Live hub often to find them. You can also continue right where you left off with the Continue Solo Challenges tile in the MUT hub.

Head to Head Events
See how many wins you can achieve in unlimited Head to Head Events! An event ends after you make it to six wins—or if you experience two losses—and receive rewards for your wins. Lock in your lineup and see how far you can go!

Salary Cap Ranked Mode
Craft a team of players that fits within the cap total! Will you pick your Elite quarterback with a high cap value, or use the same amount on two Gold players?  This is the most balanced and competitive place to play Madden Ultimate Team.

On the Store tab, you’ll find a featured offer along with access to the Store and Auction House.

Purchase items with the coins you’ve earned from Solo Challenges and Auctions, or with the points you’ve bought. You’ll find several kinds of packs at various prices. Each pack rewards random items, with a chance to find a high-quality Elite player.
Some pack bundles provide a bulk discount—large pack bundles may come with a guaranteed Elite player. Visit the Store often to find limited-time promotions and sales.

What Are Points?
Purchase points with real cash to redeem them for bundles and special items.

Auction House
You can access the Auction House from the Store tab to buy and sell items with other players. This is a great way to find the items you need, or turn unused items into coins. You can search Auctions by type, tier, position, team, chemistry, and OVR. Time remaining in the Auction is displayed for each item, so plan your strategy accordingly. When someone places a bid with a few seconds left, the auction timer will add more time to the clock.

To place one of your items in the Auction House, bring up the Item Viewer and choose AUCTION. You can determine the duration, starting price, and buy-it-now price for your item auction. Some items may be assessed an auction fee.

You can examine your posted auctions and active bids from the Auction House.

The Team tab helps you manage all aspects of your team. Here, you can visit your Lineup, adjust your Coaching and Equipment, and rename your team.

Select ADJUST LINEUP to examine your Lineup. Choose a player to move up and down between specific chart positions; select a player to see possible substitutions. Choose BEST LINEUP to have the CPU automatically generate your team based on OVR or Chemistry. Page left or right to see other stats of your team, such as Offense, Defense, and Specialist.

Item Binder
Use the filters to help arrange your items, and sort with the drop-down list in the upper right corner. Select an item to view with the Item Viewer to use Compare, Promote to Starter, Extend Contracts, Add to Set, Auction, or Quicksell. Flip through the details pages of each item, including Key Attributes, Chemistry bonus, and description.

Sets (formerly known as “collections”) are a great way to earn coins and item rewards for any of the items in your collection. Browse through the different Sets to examine their requirements and rewards. The Item Viewer has an Add to Set option, or you can examine the Set to see which of your items can be added. You can also search the Auction House to fill the Set—you’ll automatically receive the reward when the last required item is added. New Sets are added every week, so check back often!

Draft Champions is now MUT Draft! Once again, Madden NFL 18 brings the fantasy football experience to life! Draft your dream team and experience the on-field excitement of playing at their side.

Starting your MUT Draft Event
Select MUT Draft from the MUT main menu to get started. You can view information of the basics of MUT Draft and choose what type of draft you would like to participate in. In MUT Draft Ranked, compete against others for the ultimate reward of becoming the next Madden Champion. In Solo Draft, you compete against the CPU.

Draft Functionality
The draft is set at 25 rounds by default, starting with a chance to pick your coach. This can help define the tone for the rest of your draft picks, depending on how you like to play—your coach’s Playbooks will be automatically selected with him.
After selecting a coach, begin drafting players. On the first page, a player’s OVR is displayed. Press the E or Q button to turn the page and view the player’s Key Attributes for that position. Press the F button to compare the highlighted player with other players in that position, and press the S button to confirm your player selection.
Each selected player is added to your base team in the Lineup, adjusting the OVR. You can review your completed team on the Summary screen.

The Hub
After completing the Draft, you’ll enter the MUT Draft hub. Here, you can customize your lineup further in Adjust Lineup, view your Coaching & Equipment information, or track your status on the Progress screen.

How to Succeed in MUT
Coins are the in-game currency of MUT and act as rewards for winning games and completing Sets. You can use coins to purchase packs in the Store or bid on items in the Auction House.

Earn more coins by completing Solo Challenges, finishing Sets, or selling items in the Auction House. You can also quicksell the items you’re not currently using to earn a few coins. Every day there are new events added to the mode; you can find out about all the most recent news on the Live hub when you enter MUT.

Now that you have a feel for the mode, it’s time to learn about the items you can collect to build your team. Here are a few basic categories:

Players make up the lineup of your Ultimate Team. Over 1,400 players from all 32 NFL teams are available for you to collect, including some legendary players from the past. Players have an OVR, a preferred position, contracts, and other attributes that directly affect their play on the field.
While viewing a single item, you can page through several views to see Key Attributes, the item’s Chemistry impact, and other important information.

Team Items
You can also customize your team with a Head Coach, stadium, uniforms, and playbook items. When you change your home uniform, your favorite team will match throughout the Ultimate Team mode.

Collectibles are special items found in packs that represent key plays, important victories, and all kinds of football-related items and events. You can’t add them to your lineup, but you can view them in the Item Binder. Collectibles can be used to complete Sets for coin and item rewards. Quicksell some collectibles for 500 coins or more.

Head Coach
You’ll need a Head Coach before your team can take the field. In addition to his OVR, the primary function of your Head Coach is to add Chemistry impact to your team. You’ll also see him on the sideline during games!

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Madden Manual Part 11

@HEADER Online Head-to-Head

If you like the thrill of competing against another person, then Online Head-to-Head is the place for you. Jump into the mix with Quick Match games and a matchmaking system that will keep you competing against people who play like you.

@SUBHEADER Quick Match
A Quick Match game searches for another person to compete against you in a ranked game. Winning ranked games earns you Ranking Points, which determines your Leaderboard rank.
If you want to play a friendlier game but none of your Madden NFL 18 Friends are online, press the F button on the Online Head-to-Head panel and switch your Game Type to an “Unranked” game.

@SUBHEADER Play a Friend
If a Friend is online, send an invite and challenge them to a friendly game of Madden NFL 18. This mode allows you to customize the game settings.

@SUBHEADER Leaderboards
Want to see how your record stacks up against the online Madden Community? Check out the leaderboards and see who’s dominating the online gridiron. Choose from four different leaderboards:
Top 100
Shows the top 100 ranked Online Head-to-Head players.

My Leaderboard
If you’ve achieved a ranking (only the top 100,000 players do), this leaderboard will show the 50 people ranked above you and below you.

The Friends leaderboard displays how you rank against Friends based on earned Ranking Points.

Stats Leaders
Compare how you rank against other Madden players in a variety of offensive and defensive stat categories.

@SUBHEADER Compare Stats
The Compare Stats screen allows you to compare a variety of stats between you and another person, scout their playing tendencies, and view the results of your last 20 games.

@SUBHEADER Depth Chart
If you’re not happy with your starters and want to change the team lineup, visit the Depth Chart screen before starting a game. Depth Chart changes made on this screen will automatically save to your “Official” roster file, so you won’t have to pause and update your Depth Chart before every online game. Be sure to readdress this after each roster update!

@SUBHEADER Customize
The Customize sub-menu contains options for updating your roster and online settings.

@HEADER Social Features
Madden Messenger houses all your notifications and social features. The Messenger Inbox is where you’ll find all received messages and item rewards—you can even edit your Music List from here. Social Sharing will notify you on your Friend’s latest achievements and other social messages, like MUT auctions, Online Head-to-Head rankings, or Franchise league updates.

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