hmmm well, te game is working fine now tongue

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The game's definitely working now.
Unfortunately for me because I haven't played the old game for ages, I lost my old deck. NOw, in this version, decks won't be deleted which is really nice. But in project yu-gi-oh with 300 cards I had some managable decks, but now I guess I'll have to start again completely, which is OK. The only thing I wish you could do, is sort by level so you could get a balance of level monsters and knowing what you want to search for.

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Sorting by level wouldn't really do much for you, sorting by archetype or attribute might make more sense. Until then though, its easy enough to go through the yugioh wiki to find combinations that work well smile

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I remember in the previous game I had cards like gravit axe grarl, mirror force, but I don't quite remember what monsters I had, it's been a while. Also, what's this I keep on reading on the wiki about extra decks and zones? How does that work in this mud?

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The extra deck is just where Fusion, synchro, and Xyz cards go. Pendulum monsters also go face up in the extra deck when destroyed instead of the graveyard.

As for zones: M1 through 5 are your monster zones. S1 through 5 are your spell/trap zones. S6 is your field card zone. S7 and s8 are your pendulum zones where pendulum monsters go when you activate them instead of summoning them.

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Aaron, the best place that you can use to find cards (after search in the yugioh wiki about archetypes, deck types and something similar) is the yu-gi-oh card database.
https://www.db.yugioh-card.com/yugiohdb … _locale=en

On that you can apply any filter that you want, level, card type, card subtype, atk, def, level, pendulum level, etc.

But, in the first place, search on the wiki about archetypes, deck types,  different preconstructed decks, etc. Find a card in over more than 8000 cards is really a madness.

Bye tongue

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Just came to bump this topic back up to page 1.
If you're not dueling, you're not living. LOL

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Many changes have been made. Also, this mud is now listed on reddit in /r/mud. Come have a look if you are interested.  Mush pack is at http://www.github.com/timtam/yugioh-soundpack.  If you need a zip file because you can't figure out github, one of us can help you out.  Their is also a vip pack, but I am unsure if that's publicaly available.

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Time for a bump.
With Toni and Tspivey's work, as well as others who are helping, link summons are now active along with the new cards.  Along with this, rooms have been made where specific ban lists can be used depending on the persons preferences.  If your deck doesn't match the list, you won't be able to use it.  If you don't want to use links, you don't have to.  It's all players preference.  Next is tag duels. The framework is finished, so we should have that soon.  So grab the sound pack from http://www.github.com/timtam/yugioh-sou … master.zip and join us!

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I'd love to play, but I don't know the first thing about ugio. I've always wanted to learn though! Are there mobs in the game at all? Maybe some kind of automated tutorial? I hate to ask how to get started with ugio, because I could imagine someone asking me the same thing about pokemon, I honestly don't even know what I'd say heh. Well maybe I do, but it's still one hell of a question.

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What the what? Deck load doesnt' seem to work anymore. Lol. The changelog needs updating with all this stuff.

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Anthony, if you don't know how to duel, we'll be more than happy to teach you. It takes a bit of patience, but people who have never played before have come around and are doing great now that they get the rules.  Just let us know that you've never dueled before and we'll be more than happy to show you.  That goes for as well as giving you deck tips for when you want to build your own deck.
The changes file is now being updated. That change came into effect last night, so things are being updated now. To load a deck, create a room with create, then do deck <deckname>. Deck load isn't needed anymore. Make sure you type ? and set your preferences.

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Ah. Gotcha.

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