Hi, I have a question about visual 2015. How acceseble is it with screenreaders? I heard from a freind that is usebal, but I'm not shure about that. If that isn't the case, is visual studio 2017 more accessible as 2015?

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Hello Leo,
Really I don't know the specific differences between vs15 and vs17.
In my case, I use currently vs15, and in the past  I used vs2008, vs2010, vvs2012 and vs2013.
All of these are really a good ide to program.

In my case, I use jaws, that have... a little better results that nvda in some part of the program, but for most of the things, the IDE is reallyu accesible an awesome. Download the  community edition and try it tongue

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Hello guys!
Which parts is jaws better than NVDA?

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In my case, I'm more familiar with jaws than NVDA  for diary use. And, in parts like the wpf or winforms dessigner, jaws can read... one or two more things, but really don't make a great difference.

Also, Aparently exist an add-on for NVDA that helps with visual studio compativility.
But, these things really are complementary. If you want, you can download vs, and start to program now, without adding nothing to your nvda, or change to jaws. are simply extra tools o small differences, that you can try and choose witch is better to you. Nothing more.

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The latest version of Visual Studio 2017 (released a week or two ago) has many bug fixes for accessibility.  Out of the box, it reads very well with NVDA (in fact, using the Visual Studio NVDA plugin broke things for me, such as name completion).  Visual Studio 2017 also has a much more accessible installer compared to visual studio 2015.

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