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Been using NVDA a lot lately, but it sure seems a lot buggier than it used to be. It keeps doing this sticky key thing where if you press say escape, it'll behave as if you've pressed ctrl escape. So you can't tab or anything. Even after closing NVDA and either restarting it,or switching to jaws, the computer is kind of messed up and a restart is required. I've tried reinstalling NVDA, disabling addons, even switching the synth, but nothing seems to help. Has anyone else experienced anything like this with NVDA? Don't know if it's NVDA or my PC that's at fault.

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Yeah I've had it happen to me with NVDA, and also with jaws sometimes. All I do to fix it is tapping both controls at the same time together, then both alts together, then both shifts together. I tap each one 3 or 5 times at the same time. That seems to fix it for me whenever it happens.

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Hey that seems to work thanks. It does occasionally happen with jaws, but I just don't know why it's happening so often with NVDA. It's like every other time I start it.

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Very weird as I'm using Nvda full time now and haven't had this.

Which version of Windows are you using? and which voice? I have noticed that NVda running with Sapi is a wee bit slow, though whether it actively slows down enough to stick that way I am not sure.

The only time I've seen Nvda do a freeze for me is sometimes when changing from windowed to full screen in Vlc media player and  all I usually need to do is alt tab out of the window and back to fix it.

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It happens to me but once in a year. It's like sticky keys and it's boring. It even used to happen when I used jaws 7 years ago.


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Yeah, I've seen this happen before. The theory as to what's causing it is that Windows thinks a key is being held down when it isn't. It's not a mechanical problem, though, it's a software one. I've even seen it happen with the NVDA key; sometimes NVDA will think the key is being held down, but if you have use caps lock as an NVDA modifier key checked, pressing both keys once will usually fix it, and if that doesn't, a restart most likely will.

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This happens to me with NVDA if I try to start it while the system is still loading... whatever it loads after you log in and can technically can start doing things. I avoid it by waiting a while for Windows to chill.

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I'm using win7 pro 32bit. It seems to happen whatever synth I'm using. I think it might be as cae says. It does tend to happen more after the system has just started. It also happens often if I've just shut down jaws and started NVDA straight away, so maybe the two are treading on each other's toes in some way. I know sometimes if I'm on a webpage and Jaws can't click something that I know NVDA can, and I shutdown jaws and start NVDA, it can totally lock up the system. At least now I can shake it back into life with the tip smoke j gave.

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