Hello all,

I would like to begin development of iOS games, but I don't know well how to proceed.
At the moment I'm just gathering information. I have no mac yet, so before buying one, I would like to be 100% sure that I will be able to do something / that iOS development without sighted help (including appstore submission) is really possible.

1. Should I try to learn Swift or ObjectiveC ?

2. As alternatives to Swift or ObjectiveC, there exist simpler languages/platforms. Among others, I found NativeScript and Apache Cordova.
Though I'm not much interested in Android since the vaste majority of blind people have iPhones anyway, these platforms have the advantage to allow making both at the same time apps for iOS and Android.
Are they viable solutions for game development ? Or I should really try Swift or ObjectiveC and forget about them ?

3. Do you have good tutorials to suggest in one or more of these topics ?
- Using XCode, or better alternatives for blind if there are (I have heard that XCode was pretty hard for us, so perhaps there are simpler alternatives)
- Using an emulator to test your game without uploading it to your phone all the time if possible/accessible
- The language basics (if going for Swift or ObjectiveC)
- Using general available APIs relevant for mobile audiogames (movement sensors, 2D or 3D sound, making VO speak, etc.)

Thank you for your answers !

There are 10 kinds of people : those who know binary, and those who don't.

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I've got an old MacBook Pro, but I didn't test developing with it yet. As far as I know XCode should be pretty accessible anyway. Since Apple introduced Swift to be the new swiss knife for iOS development I would recommend developing using Swift, since Apple even released a Swift Tutorial App for Mac and iOS which should be accessible and explain almost everything you'll need to develop audio games, or at least where to find the API references you'll need. Of course if you decide to develop games for iOS and Android you should stick with same framework which knows how to translate into Android and iOS apps, which won't use Swift or Objective-C I guess, so that depends on your goals here.
Best Regards.

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have a look. It sure doesn't cover everything, but should give you at least a small idea of what to expect when you get your mac.
https://www.applevis.com/guides/program … uide-xcode

This is one thing that could use some more documentation

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This is talking about xCode interface building. There are ways to build interfaces in xCode without the hassle of the IB. Take a  look at raizlab's blog post on getting rid of itnerface builder.
I don't have the link atm but GIYF

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