As anyone looking in the vendettacrime topic will notice, the user Mahdi has been banned from this forum.
We repeatedly told him not to discuss bans from online games or request that a ban be removed, and he received at least three moderation warnings on the subject.

He was so! oblivious, that I do rather wonder if he simply did not understand.

Since I know we have many users from Iran, I was therefore wondering if perhaps someone could contact Mahdi in Farsi and explain the situation, so that he doesn't get himself immediately rebanned when his ban expires in a month.

If one of our  Iranian users knows Mahdi from elsewhere and could explain to him off the forum that would be fine.
If on the other hand someone would prefer to write a message in Farsi which I could pass on, or use Mahdi's forum email link to contact him that  is also fine.

of course, it might simply be that Mahdi was being willfully ignorant of the matter, but just to be sure it would be nice to give the benefit of the doubt if someone from Iran would kindly oblige.

Note as is usual with Moderation announcements, this topic will be stuck for a few days and then moved into Site and forum feedback.

Thank you for your time.

Forum admin.

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I wouldn't mind to help. I'll try to email him about the situation in Persian. Hope that it's just a misunderstanding, although I doubt it.

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@MeisamAmini21 that would be much appreciated.
Myself and the other moderators did try to be as clear as possible, but the fact that Mahdi didn't even acknowledge that he'd received! any of the warnings did make me wonder.

of course it is equally possible that Mahdi just did not wish! to accept the warnings, (after all he does seem  have been banned from several games), which is why I'd prefer to be certain he understood the situation.

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@MeisamAmini21 and Dark, would it also be a good idea to email him about the fact he simply can't keep posting links to cracks for games that are clearly commercially available, or asking/encouraging them for that matter? We've tried to tell him to stop but he wouldn't. Either he is clearly oblivious, and perhaps this is the same case with his online game bans, or he clearly does not accept the rules, or some combination of both. Unless he's stopped already, but I have seen quite a few posts by him about cracks folders, or cracks in general.

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@Jack, we must have missed those,  but yes if they are cracks to otherwise commercially available games  should at least be made aware of the rules for when his ban expires next month.

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hello all,
@dark and other people those who are not iranian:
first, mahdi is a child and second, he doesnt know english so much
about cracks i dont have anything to say, because it is against the rules of here
but the thing that he didnt listen to the warnings might be result of the speaking of english which he dont know
if you check his posts about q9 music, you will clearly see it
i think he go's to google translate and writes a text and copies the translation and pastes it back here in order to convey what he meant, and vice versa, copies the posts from here and pastes them into translator and reads the translation
i dont know that i can contact him, but if you want, i can write something here for him then you can send it to him

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I emailed him, and told him about the ban and specifically about not asking for crack and copyrighted materials. It's up to him now.

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If he is like me, He won't check his emails big_smile Although I think I might try contacting him from any audio website as it is not limited to any languages. Unfortunately his skype is also crashed(I guess), So contacting him is a bit hard.

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Thanks people.

if someone could please specifically warn Mahdi in Persian that we  don't allow discussion of bans from online games on this forum since that was what he got his ban for, as he constantly asked for his bans on Redspot, survive the wild and Vandetta crime to be removed and didn't seem to acknowledge when he received warnings, even really serious warnings.

I did gather Mahdi is young which is why I'd prefer the situation was absolutely clear to him. Of course, whether he takes any notice is his business.

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I did that as well. From his reply I gathered that he had gotten your warnings already. Don't know what to make of it.

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Thanks for that MeisamAmi, well now at least I can be sure he is aware of the situation and what he does about it when his ban expires is up to him.

thanks also to everyone else who has responded in this topic.

Tomorrow I will move it to Site and forum feedback.

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I think his english is so poor so he simply don't understand what we write in english on the forum.
In a topic in the generel games discussions room, I tried very clearly to explain to him how to solve the issue he is having by downloading games, when websites are being blocked in his country. The answers I got was like he don't understood my point at all. Then, people included me tried to tell him that he needs someone who is better at english from his own country to translate what we were saying to him. Even not those messages was understood successfully. So I think all this simply is because he don't understand enough english.

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The reason that he does not understand English may also come from the fact that he is young, and so he is even less likely to be familiar with words like "censored", "VPN", etc, as he would need to probably be older and/or have better English to understand these words and concepts.

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