Oh absolutely not. It's a registry key anyway that just performs a system modification. Perfectly fine.

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I know, bad reason to bring this old topic back, but I probably have to since these don't give you notifications at all. As far as Armadillo's concerned: Orco, check your pm's, I just sent you one.

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I know, it's about the only thing I don't like about this forum software. Thanks for the heads up will go check now.

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I may reserve further comments on this for its own topic in sight and forum feedback, but last I looked at my own pun-bb installation, I thought I saw an extension that at least made the forum software display an unread count next to the private messages link. That may come in handy, although sadly I saw no extensions that threw an automated email at you if there was a new private message, at least none in the official repository. Unofficial extensions are everywhere, so you never know.

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Alright Orko, we just you a new private message replying to yours as of now.

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I'd prefer that the private messages entry in the main menu list alert you to new messages.

After being flooded with spam by giving out my actual email address, I will no longer give anyone my actual email address except close personal friends and family.

The address I gave the forum is an email address that will forward x number of emails to me, then self destruct, leaving a dead end for anyone who thinks to spam me with that address.

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