What's up with all these spambots exactly? I'm not sure what's going on with them, I figured the anti bot thing was supposed to work but besides running into it once I've not had it come up and, beinb blunt, it's stupidly easy to get a list of answers or have a bot just OCR the question and then work out the answers.

IMO you guys need to toughen up the anti bot protection and start nuking bot posts and bot accounts, they're getting snakier and sliding into topics with posts that look on topic but are not.

TL:DR: Please, guys, fix the bots prblem, Evven if you have to go to an audio captcha system, or the 'I am not  arobot' system, or something like that rather than a simple question any half decent person can OCR and add into a bot's library....it absolutely NEEDS to happen.

Before anyone starts saying it'll make the site harder to use, I do feel the site needs to be more secure and if that comes at the expense of ease of use, I personally am fine with it, I mean, I'm on sites that you log in, it sends you a temporary access code to your phone, you have to do a captcha and put that code in, THEN it takes you to a secure login page where you ge a temporary password for that session...

I'm not saying you guys need to go to that level of security, but as of right now on the surface it does seem spam bots are overrunning the site and nothing's being done too quick about it. Seriously, mods, please if you can delet ethe spam bot posts and ban the accounts.

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I have been in the process of banning some crazy spambots lately, so I'm already on it.
The thing is, our last forum bot pluggin caused even more issues, and richard and sanda disabled it as a result.
Last night I banned two spambots in a row, and I found a quite nice way of dealing with the posts as well in the process.

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Aaron is right, he and all moderators are baning spam bots but these are geting more smart and some are controled by people in real time and they can resolve the securiti question.

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At risk  of sounding like the proverbial grumpy old man, Spambots? In my day you didn't call it an attack by spambots unless you couldn't see real posts for the spam! and you complain about one or two little spam posts! hmmmm! don't know your born, and have things too easy, that's the trouble with kids today.
now get off my lawn! and bring me some lemonade!  when you bring the lemonade don't stand on my lawn! Oh come on you can definitely levitate big_smile.

Seriously, as I recall days when you would literally get five or six spambot posts a day and the job myself and other mods needed to do each morning was kill them off the couple we removed hardly mean an invasion.
the best thing people can do is report them spambots if they've been hanging around for a while and you think the mods might have missed them, though also bare in mind we're all frequent forum users ourselves anyway so will kill off spambots as a matter of course.

With  measures, I actually noticed far more effect after we installed Honeypot and a few other hard coded measures to make the place less friendly to spambots, than any sort of anti spam verification question, be that an audio capccha or anything else, indeed such annoy users far more than they stop spambots even when they work correctly (which historically they haven't tended to).

This is one reason I get so irritated with those stupid inaccessible graphical capcha things, because the spambots still get through but users, especially visually impared users get locked out.

So, bottom line, report the spambots if you think we've missed them, we'll take our time killing them off, and if we need more security we'll look for some more PunBb extentions rather than something which will give legitimate users a hard time.

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Well, I will report it as long as I see, or hear the spam, actually big_smile .

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