In this video tutorial, we would like to show you our techniques on how to prepare and utilize musical techniques using a program called FMOD Studio.

Watch the video:

When working for clients that have no musical ideas on their projects, we utilize a system that best helps us find what music works best. 1. Find a reference track
2. Create several demos
3. Get an approval from the developers

Once we get the ok from our developers, we then begin to utilize FMOD to create non-linear music. But why use FMOD?

1. It gives the composers more freedom
2. Requires less feedback from developers
3. Is easy to use
4. Requires little coding work
5. Resembles a DAW layout that is familiar to us

The linear music is composed of three parts:

1. Intro music
2. Part 1
3. Part 2

Within each parts of the music we composed three different variants to each part. When composing multiple variants, we want to make sure that the music is similar but different. We do this by using similar chord progressions, use different melodies, and use interchangeable percussion parts. This keeps the music flowing but keeps it fresh and always new.

FMOD gives us the ability to use randomized music choices. When the music hits a transition marker, the music is randomized selecting one of three variants in the specific sections of the music. We do the same thing for our sound effects as well.

We hope these tutorials help you on your journey to become the next video game composer! Leave a comment if you have any questions! Thanks!

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Exceptionally brilliant, but with all do respect, I don't know how many of us would be able to even begin to replicate your concepts using this software given the qquestionable if at all existent accessibility to blind/vision impaired individuals within it.

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Since the articles room is for articles about accessible games, I will move this to general game discussion until someone can confirm whether this fh studio thing A, is accessible to visually impared people, B,  Really relates to making music for computer games, and C, is actuallybeing recommended by a real live human being, indeed if akaudio would like to give us some more information and answer questions that would be helpful.

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Just reading it makes me think it's not accessible and probably just a bot. A response would be nice, though I doubt we'll get one.

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[AK Audio] seems to be a real sound design studio, and the video posted appears to be exactly what it claims, a description of how AK Studio developed the audio for a game called RoundRick, ostensibly using [FMOD Studio]. It doesn't like my rig so I can't really test just how accessible it really is, though it does come with a developer API and can be integrated into engines like Unity, or C/C++/C# projects, and has a fairly liberal license for indie developers.

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Well it's a relief to know the product itself is real, which does put the balance against this being the usual sort of bot.

On the other hand we have occasionally had people who basically googled likely spots then come on this site  sing the praises of their product without actually realizing this is a site about accessible! games, it quite often happens with new online game developers who want to tell us how great the graphics of their wonderful new online title are

I'll certainly be glad to move this topic back  the articles room if Akaudio can confirm that the thing is accessible and of some probable use to developers of audio games.

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I had a response from akaudio. They are based in Russia, and I asked if they'd be coming back here to post and got no response back as of yet. But they do appear to be genuine. I even tried explaining about general game discussion and such but am worried I might have overwhelmed them.

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Well considering that these days if you look up muds or online games on google we actually  come up relatively close to the top I can see why these sorts of things happen, with people assuming we're just a generalized gaming forum and thus any old super graphical online game or dev tool is fare game for advertising.

it's mostly an honest mistake, but at the same time I  slightly wish people would take a look at the front of site and see what we are actually for! before posting their adds.

The worst I've ever seen was the developer who posted a topic about his new so called "audio game" which was a graphical game controllable by screaming at your iPhone big_smile.

Still as usual with this situation, if any developer wants to make their programs accessible, they're more than welcome to come here and explore options.

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