So, I came across this song a day or two ago, but I can't seem to find tin whistle ABC notation stuff or the like for it anywhere, and I suck at playing by ear...
Anyone here WHO somehow can help? smile
If not that's fine, you'll still have a nice song to listen to.

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Throwing in a note here. It looks like the melody is also used in another song (surprise surprise, it's folk music) called Cod Liver Oil. Will see if I can dig up notation for that ^^

And Wikipedia just gave me this extra bit of information, yay.

The song is played to the melody of the traditional Irishsean-nós song "An Lacha Bacach" (Irish: The Lame Duck), as famously portrayed by Nell Ní Chróinín.


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Much research was done although little was learnt,
But the hours well spent did give this in return.
So for those that are curious to give it a try,
Here are lyrics and chords for old Master McGrath.

Turned out I only had to ask in a Skype Group chat I'm part of and afterwards spend a couple of hours looking into the song posted above. Different song, same melody. Typical folk music!
Off to whistling I go.

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That's folk. It's either master mcrath or aerin go bragh, like I told you in that skype chat lmao. Didn't you say the notation sheet was inaccessible? This one uses the wolfs tone as key base huh, the version I found is the easiest to follow so far, as a whistler.

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Nah, I just said that the guy noting it Down had written the higher notes as bolt letters, which I have no idea how to tell apart from regular Capital ones...Probably a way though O.O
Not a problem though, there's another version below, with the lower notes being upper case, and the higher ones being lower case, so it's all good.
Gotta Wonder which song used the melody first though, Master McGrath is about 40 years older, but it is also often sung to another tune... *Ponder ponder*

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i kinda think Aerin Go  Bragh  melody was inspired by Mcrath. I might be wrong though.

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