Since childhood, I wanted to move to America. And my thoughts have not changed after the large amount of time.
I'm not interested in America as a country for money and other things. I'm interested in America as freedom, equal opportunity.
But I have a few questions that need to be clarified. Who are able, please help with the answers.
1. Work:
For all people working in the first place, the material is more important than the spiritual. There is no sincerity and understanding. How much is true and if 100% are there places in the US where this is almost there?
2. School:
I heard that in USA bad schooling. Daily new topics. on math using calculators. Is it true?
3. Select the state:
Is there somewhere full information about the States?
I need to choose the state given the above conditions, plus the purity, a large white population, about the temperate climate can be a little hotter.
Please sorry my english!
Thanks in advance!

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Well, working in the USA is as important as the spiritual aspect of life, in that people feel pleased if they get the money they want. It is the American dream, which I call a bad dream, where people want to step up all the latters of society and be on top of the players, or amongst the best players in the country. It is sad that people for money are ready to give up the love of the family and go for the pleasure of money. It is this dream which started to be seen by people during 1930s and it triumphantly succeeded in taking in the people and America so far has managed to spread it far beyond its boundries.
As about schooling or education, I'd say the phenomenon you mention happens nearly everywhere. In my country, having a calculator is nearly essential for the student as he or she is lazy to tire his mind with the process of calculating and memorising. As far as education is imposed on the student rather than acquired willingly by the student himself, there will hardly be any chance of having a competent generation who is ready to deal with every sector of life and face any difficulty in the course of life.
Finally, if you don't like the USA, you may consider migrating to Canada; it's not really bad and it is a country of a great standard and the support for blind people is not really bad.

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That is, the fact that in the US for people work is most important, is it true?
About calculators, I'm talking about the fact that in school in mathematics in the US use calculators. For us, this is wild.
About Canada.
Moving to Canada is very difficult. Especially the blind. You need to prove that you do not need a benefit. I understand that it will also be in other countries, but in Canada everything is too strict. Plus not so many people.

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Calculators are essential for learning proper mathematical skills. Try to find any high school level textbook that does not require use of a calculator. The American dream, as Afrim described, is the goal of having a good job that will lead to success. It makes work seem important because work leads to money. If you have money, you can afford luxuries. However, there are always people who are content to stay where they are in society and who don't see success as being able to afford a nice vacation, car, house, etc.

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Well while multinational capitalism is near universal, I did find some of the attitudes in the states directed towards work rather scary.
For example, my lady's brother and his wife currently are working 7 days a week 9 hours a day because the company they work for have decided as much.

They go along with it because between receiving money and the need to retain the job to have health insurance, there isn't really a choice, yet for a first world country that sort of record is a little ridiculous. I've even heard of cases of literal contempt for anyone without  job or money and the assumption that if someone is poor it is because they themselves are lazy or deficient or (in worst cases), actively sinful.

I'll also say The states is probably the  only country where religion is actually used by the wealthy to reinforce the idea that they have a right to their stupidly opulent life styles, and the rather hypocritical attitude that a person o inherits lots of money and then uses it to get more money is actively entitled to what they receive (someone recently became president of the country using that mantra).

Religion in general in America tends to be far more overt, far more extreme and indeed often tied to political or economic assumptions.

Of course this is not to say that there aren't! people in America who are actively spiritual or seak a connection with God, indeed meeting those people is quite refreshing, (I'm married to one for a start), however the general schema of "wealth=success=god loves me" type of  is rather scary.

In general the problem I found with a lot of things in America is everything! is taken to extremes.

In some cases this is not such a bad thing, for example when it's a matter of politeness or courtesy. however this can produce  rather uncomfortable attitudes, in religion, in politics, and  economically and professionally as well, and I'm afraid given the current political situation over there this is probably going to increase, particularly because a lot of those attitudes are not so much reasoned as arrived at basically by default.

Some of the stories my lady's has told me about her family's attitudes have been very scary indeed, both at how they arrive at such attitudes, (eg fox news, local church), and because they tend to assume such attitudes are! the truth no matter what and don't even wish to engage with anything that criticises  them.

it actually drives my lady up the wall, particularly because a lot of the unassumed, conservative rhetoric tends to have a very Christian bias, and as a Christian herself who believes in things like use of brain and being decent to people, she finds the use of "Christianity" as effectively an economic and political buzword most enfuriating.

It's not just in terms of right and left wing, or christian vs everything else that the states tends to be polarized. Gender relations are far more formal, eg, men hunt and watch sport and make things in their sheds women talk about children and weddings and flowers, indeed one thing I noticed in the states was that almost on a cultural level men tended to be far quieter unless  discussing a very specific interest.

Similarly, I noticed racial sterriotypes tended to be a little more exaggerated,  dark skinnned is Black!!!!! with a capital black, anyone who is Irish is more irish than the irish, even in terms of gamers and such, anyone who is a geek! is a super super geek!
Indeed I did rather wonder if someone  like a good friend of mine who is a  of both progressive rock, nihilistic philosophy, seriously hard line science fiction and! rugby and cricket would be quite as common in the states.

I would've lived in America with my lady (Hell I'd live in the Kongo, on the moon or at the bottom of the sea  I had to to be with her), however two things which would have worried me about being there full time as opposed to the couple of months I spent over there are firstly getting around (since the states is very spread out, it's assumed that everyone! has a car and public transport seemed less easily arrangeable and less efficient), and secondly  alternative people to interact with and things to actually do! over there socially.

With our dreaming and singing, Ceaseless and sorrowless we! The glory about us clinging Of the glorious futures we see,
Our souls with high music ringing; O men! It must ever be
That we dwell in our dreaming and singing, A little apart from ye. (Arthur O'Shaughnessy 1873.)

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Yeah it is like that, and take that from someone born and raised here. I'm from a yankee state, PA, but damn are those northerners rude as fuck, new yorkers, californians, etc., not all of course, but yeah, generally you find southerners to be a lot more polite, friendly. Yeah I'm not far from the Mason Dixon line, I'm just on the wrong side, but meh, what can ya do. Politics is exploding over here because of the election and trump, which, me personally, I think he's doing an awesome job. but yeah quick politics education, you got the demitwats and republicunts... lol, no seriously, democrats and republicans, or left and right respectively. So, if you hear someone say oh he's a left winger, you know he's a democrat, if you hear someone say he's got leanings to the right, it means he believes in some of the republican ideals, but is either neutral on others, or whatever. You also have the terms liberal, to describe democrats, and conservative for the republicans. This describes their general philosophies. But yeah, the liberals aren't so liberal because they're doing all in their power to chip away at our freedoms one by one, slowly, so the sheep... ahem, ahem, don't notice. Gun control is a big one the liberals want to implement, but damn it, the second amendment states we have the right to bear arms. I know that for a lot of other countries, this just makes no sense, and if you're from a country where you cannot possess a weapon such as a rifle or pistol without a special license just for hunting purposes only, I don't think there is anything I can say to convince you otherwise. My reasoning is simple, there's a lot of nutzoids out there, and if my house gets broken into, or my family comes to potential harm, I want a gun to put a stop to that. I'm not gonna be doing much damage with kitchen cutlary. I think the rest of the world still sees us as gun totin' cowboys, well I'll fall into their stereotypes if it helps keep me and mine safe. Anyone and everyone who is into guns, and yes I generally like guns, love them in fact, anyone I've ever met is into gun safety, we don't wave them around, blasting them off, well OK, I'll admit, I've done that a few times while drunk, but there's still a part of me that made sure I kept it pointed up in the air, and not at other people.

Uh, OK, that strayed a little off topic, I don't know when this came into being a dissertation about gun control and gun usage. If you come over here, just remember the media is not your friend, if you believe everything you hear on the big networks, you're falling right into their trap. they have done everything from tweeking to small edits, all the way up to outright lies and fabrication. Get the facts, do your own research. And hey, if after that, you see the democratic point of view, that's fine ,I promise not to call you a libtard, hehehee.

But yeah everything is taken to the extreme here, big burgers, big houses, big boats and yachts, big cars, big TV's, big offices, Big dildos... ahem ahem... yeah. Small cars, small studio apartments, etc. you get the idea. Hell I've seen christians get snooty with other cristians of the same denomination because that other person had just enough difference in their beliefs, its ridiculous. If you are christian, and come here, just sort of be careful who you hang around with, your fellow church goers might be as judgmental as St. Peter at the pearly gates. That ain't right if ya ask me, but I'm not christian, or anything really.

I'm a cat! What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine to :P XD

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