@Shrike, if your ring aren't helping, maybe  time for some new blood?

Generally the first thing to do in the game is reorganize the ring. it's usually a good idea to try and get  ring member for each statistic such as bargaining, combat, custom etc, I tend to think of these  ministers big_smile.

It's also a good idea to have 7 gods represented if you can, but if the choice is having 7 gods or a crappier person who will be  expert in some aspect of clan life, I usually go with expertees over religion.

Also bare in mind though that there are occasions when either a clan member doesn't know about a specific thing, or will just give a flippent answer (especially if they're a worshipper of the trickster god).

While I agree with Zcline that turning back at the  sight of misfortune is a bad idea, at the same time the game can become rather depressing if you have constant disaster and nothing goes right.
if your forming a  though your probably on the right track, just remember you cant' please everyone, and also remember that you don't necessarily have to go to be  of the tribe first time around, especially if you have an inexperienced chief, after all time is generally on your side.

Also, if your playing the short game after being king you'll need to complete three heroquests in 10 years which is a difficult task, especially if your chief isn't up to things, so you might want to wait and let your clan expand  amd grow a bit, and your ring get some experience first.

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sorry guys I have another question relating forming a tribe,

I completed the storm tribe quest about 10 in game years now have about 8 alliances and still no tribe has formed.

must I do more hero quests in order for a tribe to form? also which quests should I do, is there a specific order?  would rather do the easier quests if possible.

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First, check your reputation. If your reputation is at %100, king, then you know it's time for a tribe.
You will get an encounter which tells you when it's time to make a tribe.

Founding a tribe isn't actually a matter of alliances (though those really help), you'll find out when you start the process, be prepared for lots of bargaining big_smile.

As to heroquests, Making of the storm tribe and ernalda feeds the tribe are the two easiest imho, steer clear of the sundefender quest and the euralda and the cow's quest (the cow goddess's quest is a real pest).

One quest you will have to perform to finish the short game is orlanthe and Duroga. You start out with knolidge of this one so no need for extra sacrifices to Orlanthe (that was a mistake I made in one game).

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thanks Dark,  I am playing the long game and my reputation is at 100%, although I seem to be having massive issues with the chaos people and my clan mood is grim at the moment.    hopefully I will get a tribe soon.

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The encounter should show up if you've performed making of the storm tribe successfully.
For the chaos people, as a hint Orlanthe's brother, the bull god orox really! doesn't like chaos big_smile.

It's actually something you need to consider, since encounters with chaos people can be very destructive indeed.

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I completed my 2nd quest ernalda feeds the tribe and still the tribe has not formed,

I think I choose the wrong selections about 10 years ago after I completed the storm tribe quest, if that's the case will I get another chance to form it? or should I restart the game a fresh.

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I love this game. No spoilers, but i was just on orlanth's quest,  and my leader managed to do something that even he couldn't .  Sometimes it's easy to forget that the legends are  simply guidelines, not rules .  Don't be afraid to try a different option depending on who you send on the quest, you never know what could happen.

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@Shrike, Hmmm, you actually need to choose "form a tribe" as your intended reward for completing making of the storm tribe quest, if you didn't then it's no wonder the option hasn't shown up.
Still it's not a big deal, just try the quest again.
@Dan C, I always thought the idea in heroquests was" sticking to the legends, though frequently even then you might have to take an unintended path, and getting lost in the realm of the gods is rather interesting, albeit fairly difficult to come back from if you end up in the wrong place.

Btw, if anyone has ever read Shadowplay, the second book in the Shadowmarch quartette by Tad Williams, that actually features a trip to what looks suspiciously like the world of the dead and meeting with that worlds' gods  very much resembles the Kodp heroquests.

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I actually restarted the game,   I managed to form a tribe only I think I made a mistake in the forming of it,  the reason I say this is because I elected the king to be of another clan, does that matter? or is another restart in order, lol

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Restart? Not at all.
Often you need to wait a bit to be king, frequently because you might not have a good enough candidate to be king, but still no king lasts forever so the waiting game pays off, especially if you maintain your influence in the tribe and if people like you.

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sorry guys for bringing this thread to the fore again but I am seriously frustrated.

I like to think I have a firm grasp of the game now, on what to do and game mechanics ETC, but for the love of Orlanth I just can't get the hang of the map,

I can't even find my own tula, which is a sad fact,  so when my clan ring keeps saying we still have not explored our own tula yet vexes me to the max.

I mean is there a landmark with say, own tula on it?

I swipe from side to side and it just keeps saying either explored hex or unexplored hex or another clan has explored the hex.

its a real shame because its really putting me off the game, is there a simple solution to what I am doing wrong?

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Exploring your Tewla is easy. just go into the map, and unless you've double tapped on any of the hexes, you will default  pointing at your Tewla if you hit the expedition button.

For most of the layout you can find a little map guide by me here in the articles room though I did also mention in my podcast.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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For the record, exploration is one of the things David is looking at simplifying for Six Ages. I have yet to see a playable version of what he's considering, but he's consulted me about it a bit, and things sound a lot easier to manage.

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hi. I was thinking of buying this game and have a question. does voice over still work with this game in ios 10?


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Yes it most certainly does.
the accessibility in the game is extremely good and that carries  on in all the new updates, though bare in mind there is a learning curve.

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thanks Dark,

sorry for the late response just got back from holiday.

while playing the game over the week however I have noticed something else that I am confused with.   the treasures, it does not do what it does on your audio demo.   what I mean by that is, when I select the treasure it do not read out what the effects are, I flick all over the screen and cannot find it anywhere.  I am starting to think it could be an I phone 7 thing.

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That is odd. It's a while  since I played the game, but as I recall the treasures' effects were read when you flicked onto the treasure. I am not sure if the text is on the link to the treasure itself or part of the vo hints that are read  as an extra  (rather the way that your party's statistics are read). 

Which screen was this on?  The treasures mainly get shown on things like the trading screen or sometimes on the clan info screen.

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hi guys,

just a quick update on my adventure on KODP ,  I managed to complete the short game which was fun.

I am currently playing the long game and so far I have not got a decent enough leader, also all my people seem to worship either ernalda or uralda which makes it difficult during sacred time.

and still I cannot get the descriptions of the treasures I own, if anyone has an I phone 7 and has noticed this please let me know.

thanks to the article on the map I seem to have a much better understanding, although in my opinion its the 1 thing that needs updating for the new players at least.

if anyone has an I phone and have considered buying this game I can only recommend it, I have had hours of fun on it exploring lands and raiding neighbours so much they have to leave the area, lol.

its the most satisfying game I have purchased so far on IOS, and considering when this game was made its a shame there has not been many more like it.

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